Sunday, June 30, 2013

6-28-13 Letter

Hey Mom!

I am gonna put Aunt Tracy's letter with yours because I am running out of stamps, so I would appreciate if you send me alot.  Also, thanks for the Priesthood Line of Authority.  I am glad you guys are my parents.  Today was so fricken long.  All we did was sit in class all freaking day.  It drained me soo much!  I am soo glad that I can sleep.  I am almost always the 1st one asleep.  Ask Tracy or Grandpa what experience I had in the celestial room.  It was way, way, way cool!  I am way glad Dad finally gets OT!!  I am glad my letters are helping you guys out.  You guys' letters are helping me out!  The whole families of Elder Dale says Hi!  And, I found the other SD card!  I love you guys so much!  Keeping being the sons & daughters of God and making him Proud.  "Our Work Begins on Our Knees"..
Love Always, Elder Lundberg!

Hey Mom, have Dad play the digoridoo and record it, so my district can hear it!

Tracy's Letter:

Aunt Tracy!

I got your letter.  I am glad you like my favorite quote.  Here's another one.  "Act in Faith and the Lord will show you how."  Your letters are so helping me, too.  I am glad my testimony helps you.  I have grown  so much already in the time I am here.  Your testimony has also helped me groW  I should be getting your box tomorrow!  Thank you for that!  I love you Aunt tracy.  I love this gospel so much!  It's crazy.  that experience I had in the celestial room, and then your dream.  That brought me to tears!  I love you!  Thanks for everything you have done for me!

I Love You

Elder Cade Lundberg

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