Friday, June 28, 2013

6-25-13 - Letter from Cade - received 6/28

It is crazy Aunt Tracy had that dream because me and my roommate were just talking about the experience Dad had about Grandma while he was in the temple, because we went to the temple today.  I was just wondering if she was with me.  I miss her a lot, actually, to be honest.  :(  My testimony has truly grown a crap load, spiritually.  To be honest, while I am learning during the day, I get lost.  I don't think about home with you guys and Jes, only when writing, honestly.  but, that dream, while reading it, I started crying, knowing that my grandma is here with me.  I honestly felt her presence in the Celestial room.  I started tearing up there.  I truly love this gospel, and love all of you guys.

Love Always,

Elder Lundberg

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