Thursday, June 27, 2013

6-24 letter - Cade sent this on Tuesday

Cade wrote us this on his P-Day.  He also sent an email, which I have included below.

Hey Mom!

I just got your dear elder letter.  I needed it.  And Elder Dale said we were on TV, so go back and look at it online, and you will find me.  My companion, Jacob Dale, is from Lehi.  Look him up on F-book.

(He had read my email by now.  I emailed him the first day he was in the MTC, but he didn't get it until Tuesday.)  I asked him questions, which I will BOLD.

How are you sleeping?

Mom, I am sleeping amazing.  It's amazing how the Spirit can help you.  My roommates tell me I am always the FIRST one asleep.  What are you learning?  I am just working on the Plan of Salvation and actually started talking to the most real investigator in the MTC.  He said he felt a warm feeling when I testified to him about the truth about the B.O.M. and how the Lord answers our prayers.  Is the food good?  The food is amazing, Mom.  AMAZING!  My favorite thing I have eaten is a chicken fried steak.  I told Caleb he would.  (Cade told Caleb he would end up working at Terry George's shop).  This next part is funny, if you know Cade.  He always had to "poop" at a certain time of the day.  I was wondering how it would work in the MTC.  (should be interesting to see how he does out in the field...ha ha ha ha ha)  I poop once in the morning and once at night in the barracks where you don't need a companion.  Me and Elder Dale are the youngest ones in our district.  Everyone else is 19 and older.  I have already read my p (partriarchal) blessing.  And, I have read grandpa's testimony and yours and Dad's thing in my scriptures.  David and I wrote our testimonies in his mission scriptures.  They have helped me stay focused on what I am here to do.  I love you Mom.  You mean the world to me.  (back)

Like Boyd K Packer said in the meeting on Sunday, Mothers are the best teachers.  Thank you for helping me become who I am.  Tell Dad I love him, too, and how he has taught me to honor my priesthood.  I love you guys so much, it's crazy.  it makes me wish I showed it more towards you and Caleb and Keisha and Kassidy.  The work of salvation excludes NO ONE!  Every member a missionary.  Tell my brother and sisters that I love you guys so much.  Tell Aunt Tracy and Uncle Donnie I love them sooo much.  They don't even know.  And thanks for their letter.  I don't have alot of time to write.  I love you.  God Speed.  2nd Nephi 31:13.

Love Always, Your son, bro, and Nephew

Elder Lundberg


hey mother and father, I know i sent you a letter day but this one will get right to ya. We went to the temple today and i was doing the endowment session for thomas brydges. i felt the spirit way strong. i am doing good. i am excited for the package that you guys sent and all your letters. getting these letters  and things make me not as home sick so its good. i am not gonna lie i get teary eyed when thinking about you guys but nothing like scout camp. I know its because i say my prayers every night and every morning and through out the day, and i have heavenly fathers help. i am super excited to get in the field. you guys dont even know. i have a buff marine in my room named elder rainey from mudlake idaho and he benches 350 i have another funny elder that is from pocatello idaho he went to highland highschool. my companion as i told you is elder jacob dale look him up in facebook. he is from lehi. i have tooken many pictures so dont worry but i dont have them here with me so i can upload them but i will send the id card right before i leave so you can have them so you should send me another so when i leave i can have one for when i get there. i am getting my haircut today 5 on the bottom and 7 on the top. today is my p day so be prepared for another email. i am learning super a lot i am sending you a letter today so you will have this one and another one. i love you mom and dad. tell the kids i say hi and love them too.
Love Always, Elder Lundberg

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