Tuesday, November 26, 2013

11-18-13 - What? Another flu shot?

Okay.....so I have been a slacker.  Here is Cade's email to me from the 18th.  As you read, you will see that Cade absolutely did not want to get a flu shot.  He did have one before he went out.  So, I called the mission office and talked to the Sister serving as the nurse there.  She said there was a new shot out, but wasn't sure if he needed one, but she recommended it.  Cade told me that I just had to call and tell Sister Gelwix that he didn't need one.  HA HA  Come to find out....he needs to get one.  Sister Gelwix had the Sister that is the nurse call me back and let me know that sometimes the elders try and get out of it.  HA HA  I guess the new flu shot has new strains in it.  HA HA

I am also including some pictures that he sent this week.  HOLY COW!  Elder Bean looks sooo much like Porter, it is crazy!  Who knew Porter had a twin?  HA HA

This is a picture that a Brother Kincheloe...a ward mission leader...sent to me in a text.  This is what he said.  Elders Lundberg and Bean giving a blessing at Doctors Hospital, Modesto.  Two good missionaries at our house for dinner.  They are great missionaries.  They really do work hard.

So this week has been an eventful week!!! Mom you need to call the mission office today and tell them you dont want me to get a shot so you dont have to buy one and i  dont have to get one! anyway it wednesday i had my first leadership training on wednesday, it went very well i like it a lot! renees baptism was amazing ! so we went to get her interviewed by an elder in our zone at 11 on friday, but she failed it and needed somebody of more authority to interview her. So luckily president gelwix was coming up to modesto, so we called her and told her to come to the stake center at 130, on her way she got into a dad gum car accident!!!!!!!! so she wouldnt be able to make it! so elder bean and i were freaking out because we had all the baptism solid!!!!! and if she didnt pass the interview, we would have to call everybody and cancel everything and she wouldnt be able to be baptized. so president told us to call president mcandrews, the 1 counselor in the mission presidency . we did and we ,ade an appointment with renee at her house at 6 that night, so we were really pushing it. president mcandrews had us sit in his gigantic truck while he interviewed renee! we were just freaking out! he called us to come in and to our surprise, president mcandrews was filling out the baptismal record! phew we were just ecstatic! i gave a talk on the holy ghost at renees baptism! after the baptism i had a lot of people come up and tell me that they were impressed with my talk! they said it was powerful and amzing! they said they almost cryed because they felt the spirit! so that has been the first time that has happened! and plus i had no notes too! haha so that made me feel good! so that picture of us in the hospital was last night we had to go give a blessing to a lady in the hospital, so we walk in and start to talk to her and after awhile she tells us oh yeah you are suppose to go and get gloves and a gown on i am in isolation!!! oh elder bean and i were freaking out!!!!!!!!!!! so we did and we gave her a blessing! hahaha brother kinchloe had a laugh about it haha! we have a nother baptism coming up next week! her name is jerine! she will be baptized by her uncle, who is a stake president in lumas! whoch is awesome! that was it for this week! i love all of you! have a safe week!
love elder Lundberg

Here is what Cade said about the mission office:

 well if you call the mission office i do not! so just call them and say you dont want me to get one! and we dont have to worry about it!

just talk to sister gelwix and can you please do it today she wants me to text her and ask her if i got one so if you call i dont need to do that!

Here is another comment he sent.  HA HA  (He seriously didn't want to get the flu shot).  HA HA  mom listen! you tell them that you dont want me to get a flu shot! and we dont have to spend the money!!! i have already gotten the flu on my mission! so just call and tell them you dont want me to get one!

 Cade loves to take pictures of himself.  HA HA HA HA HA

 Check out that picture.  The trees are beautiful!

 This picture is the one that Elder Bean REALLY looks like Porter.  CRAZY!!
yeah thats is renee and the guy that baptized her is president rhoades, he is the first counselor in the stake presidency and he is her chronic pain management doctor and he introduced her to the church and she broke her back and has chronic pain she sent you a message on facebook! 

yeah! it was cool mom i started teaching renee from the beginning and we got her baptized! she has changed soo much just in this little time i have been teaching her the gospel! its cool how the gospel can change peoples lives!

Who's house had that harp and piano?  That is awesome!!

She did?  That is awesome!  I will go check it.  I'll tell ya, Cade.  This is just great!  I am amazed by the people you are meeting.  isn't it great?  If you hadn't decided to go on a mission, you would never even have known who these people were.  :)

ok and it was sister blacks she plays all sorts of instruments! she kind of reminds me of like aunt melana and those aunts! its kind of crazy!

 i promise well i gtg mom! i love you sooo much! i am telling sister gelwix that you told me not to get one! i love you and the family with all my heart! stay safe tell everyone hi for me!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

11-11-13 - CADE - 3 Amigos - LAMP SHADE BBALL HOOP

Last, but not least....here is Cade's email! 

This week has been amazing!! We have a baptism scheduled for this Saturday! it is Renee! We had a really good powerful lesson with her this week! Ee and Elder Bean got to her home, and she has been having a smoking problem! We went in planning to finish the plan of salvation, but the spirit took over and it was so strong, we ended up talking to her about the Book of Mormon and her smoking! In the middle of the lesson she started crying, and she had 2 cigarettes left in her box! At the very beginning I asked her to crush them and she said she wouldnt, so at the end when she was crying I just had this prompting to ask her to crush them again! and she did, she said that she is a non smoker! After that she said she is for sure going to be baptized this saturday! Renee has a glow about her! Ever since we began to teach, she has changed sooo much. It is crazy how the gospel can change peoples lives! If i didnt follow that prompting she wouldnt have realized that is what she needs to do! We have 3 more baptisms scheduled for this month!
I love Elder Bean sooo much!  The first night we were together Elder Bean and I stayed up til 1 in the morning! We get along sooo much! It turns out that he went all american in basketball at highschool!  We figured out that we have a gym in our apartments so that is super nice!Ii can stay buff :)
Elder Bean and I made a basketball hoop out of a old lamp shade, and we put it up at the ceiling and we use a ping pong ball as the ball it is super fun! Other than that, this week has gone by slow! I love this work and I love you all!!!!
Love Elder Lundberg

This is a card that Cade received from his zone leaders for becoming a district leader.  How cute!
Cade's new companion, Elder Bean, who will be playing basketball for BYU when he gets done with his mission!

11-11-13 - THREE AMIGOS - Matt - Hypnotizing Mormons

Here is part of Matt's Email!

This is the table they have to eat on!  HA HA

    So the Work is really slow here..........we're struggling to teach lesson's throughout the week, and our mission president just gave us the challenge of having a baptism a week, so we have a lot of work to do. Unfortunately our most solid investigator got a Anti pamphlet from his girl friend that has really tripped him up, even though we showed him that it wasn't true. This Pamphlet was actually really pathetic, I've seen a lot better Anti material then this. One of the highlights in it said "If a Mormon starts to bare their testimony to you, don't look them in the eyes, and stop them in their tracks. this is a form of hypnosis that they use to pull people in" ..................we're cooler then I thought........

Slowly but surely we are finding people to teach.  We had a really cool experiance the other day, it was Tuesday and my companion wanted to go knock on this kids door that had come and played basketball once. We knocked on the door and asked for Brad we will call him, and the person at the door was like "Brad Stevens?" and we were like......"sure" so he goes and gets this guy and we start talking to him, and he's like "my wife's not, can you come back on Thursday at 8:00?"  we were like......ya, of course. He didn't seem like the guy my companion described, so I was like "so you've come and played ball with us before?"  and he looked at me real confused and shook his head no,  *awkward pause. "Oh well, were going to be playing in a bit if you want to come."   haha we walked away and I turned to my companion and said "what just happened?? did you know him?" and he's like "Nope!"  turns out that it was actually his son with the same name we were looking for, but this guy just set up an appointment with us, without us even asking him! we went back on Thursday and taught his whole family! his wife is a hardcore catholic, but seemed to enjoy everything we said, we just had a gospel conversation for about an hour and a half, it was really cool.     
I'm finding in all the church meetings I've been going too, and from the emails I'm getting from my family that a Reoccurring theme at these meetings is missionary work!   imagine that? the Lord really is hastening his work. I like the way my brother put it.  He's hastening his work, and its our job just to try and keep up.  Its now our responsibility to teach ourselves the gospel so we can teach our friends, because all the meetings are being used to pump us up to do it!  seriously the last 5 sacrament meetings I've been too have been about missionary work, and all the class's have been on how we can be better missionaries. so just getting people to church isn't enough anymore, we have to be able to teach them the gospel because the majority of church time is used to tell them how to be missionaries haha :)      
                                   ***WARNING TESTIMONY IS ABOUT TO BE BORN**** 
I just figured I'd let you all know before hand so that way if you don't want to be hypnotized you can get out now.     
      I truly know that this is the lords work,  its to great to be anyone else's, to see the miracles that happen every day, to see the changes people make in their lives, in just my small area, and then to hear about all the other one's happening around the world is incredible.  the logistics of just the missionary work of this church is mind blowing. I'm just grateful I was raised in it, and even more grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and all that he did for me.    Thank you all for your prayers and letters, they mean the world to me.      

                   -Elder Hepworth

11-11-13 - THREE AMIGOS - KC - Pizza Cutting Scissors

Okay.....so all of my "boys" had great experiences this week....I wanted to share.  Here's is KC's email.  KC is the one with the camera.....the blondie!!

Hey everyone,

This week has been super crazy because one of my Zone Leaders got transferred out last Tuesday which was a surprise because transfers aren't until wednesday. So this week I have been in a Tricompanionship. If that's a word. If it's not, i'll just say it's a Minnesota thing to make up words. Because I am in this Tricompanionship we have been covering two areas. It's been really busy but a lot of fun too. Earlier this week I got the call that I can drive the car now so I have been driving every since. I CAN DRIVE!! YES! 
On Wednesday we were driving back to our apartment and we noticed that somebody was just giving away a Bo- flex workout machine. They caught our eyes big time. So we knocked and had two questions. First we explained who we were, then we asked if we could take that machine of their hands, then we asked if we could share a message about Jesus Christ and they said yes. It was so cool. God definitely works in mysterious ways. If the machine wouldn't have been sitting on the curb, we wouldn't have stopped and talked to these people. So it was a Win Win. We got a nice work out machine in our apartment now and we are going to go back and teach them about Our Church. It was Awesome.
The other day I was telling my companion about the time that my day took some of my friends to Ohio and that I ate 18 pancakes while I was there and he didn't believe me so.... You know what happens next. I have to put my money where my mouth is. Or should I say put the pancakes where the mouth is. I told him if he cooked them I would show him. I was a little short, I only got to 15 but he was still impressed. I don't ever want to see a pancake again! :) It was fun.
I was at a dinner the other day and the lady cut the pizza with scissors! Has anybody ever seen that before?? That was so weird to me! Maybe I was just sheltered but I always thought you used a Pizza cutter. She was really nice though and it was good but I just thought I would share that crazy sight with you all.
We had a really cool experience this week. We were teaching a man (Mark John) that lives in our apartment building about the Plan of Salvation and Word of Wisdom and he didn't take it very well. At the end of the lesson we asked him to pray about for himself and not to take our word for it. and He said he would but at the end of the lesson I prayed that as he is seeking the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it's truths that God will answer his prayers through the Holy Ghost and after the prayer he immediately popped up and said, "It's True and Joseph Smith is a true Prophet!" He said I felt the holy spirit during your payer and I feel like it told me that the lesson was true. It was such a cool experience to see the Holy Ghost working on someone during a prayer. I know that God Lives and answers prayers on his timing. I know that it's true. I hope you all are doing great and let me know if there is anything I can help you with back home. I can't do too much but if you are wondering what to say to someone you have met I will try to think about it and pray about it and help you out. I love you all. Until next week. 

Elder Roose

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

11/04/13 - A Monster Pooper with a Karate Kid in a Modesto Apartment

Cade's Apartment in Modesto
Cade's monster Pooper

Cade's Karate Kid Companion

11/04/13 - Jokin' Around

Okay.....so, last week, Cade didn't write too much of what was happening, so I didn't post anything.  This week....he wrote a little bit more.  HA HA  GOOD NEWS!  Cade was made a DISTRICT LEADER!  Awesome!!  I have also included some pics, too.

 The Elder on the right is Elder Brantley.  The Elder on the left is an elder that was a traveling trainer.  I don't remember his name.  It looks like he got along pretty well w/Cade.  HA HA

Cade sent me this picture on Monday this week.  HA HA

hey everyone! so first off i want to tell you a joke that elder brantley told me his last week with me! An indian was walking along and he fell in a deep hole nobody knew he was there, a couple years later a guy decided to build a cafe over the hole and the toilet was right over the hole, a guy came into the bathroom and looked into the toilet and saw the indian. then the guy said to the indian" how long have you been down there" and the indian said " many moons!" hahahahaha so anyway this week i had a high fever for 2 days so that was pretty poopy! but i got a call on halloween at around 10:00 and it was president, well he called me to be a district leader haha! i was nervous talking to him. my companion is elder bean! he has been in my zone already! so i know who he is, i love him sooo much already. he is going to play basketball at byu when he gets home! he is very good. he is from oklahoma and he has been out a transfer less than me so thats pretty cool! we have 3 baptisms already set up for this month and we plan to baptize a lot more! anyways nothing else really happened this week! i got the package and i sent all of them a letter which should get there today! my shoes are the best investment ever i absolutely love them!!!! i love all of you!
love elder Lundberg

Here is a little of our conversation:

 so i am over 2 other companionships and i am over a senior couple i am in the same apartment elder brantley is going to turlock!

i love those shoes! they fit my feet perfectly so when i need more shoes just get those again! i loved there package toilet paper was in them, i havent gotten aunt tracys yet! i just have a poop load of marshmallow mateys!

ME:  HA HA HA HA HA HA  If you can email Elder Gayan, you should tell him that you were supposed to share with him.  HA HA HA  You should take a pic of your new companion, too.  Elder Bean.  Is he pretty tall?

he is 6'5 and he is a baller mom he is super good! haha

ME:  That is awesome!!  I bet you have fun with him playing basketball.  It is also good that you get along with him.  It looks like Elder Brantley kind of loosened up a bit.  I am so glad we found some shoes that work for you.  I was a bit worried that they wouldn't fit.  BTW.....Caleb says you are missing out on Assassins Creed and Ghost and that he loves you and that he will try and keep you updated on the Denver Bronco games.  Thanks for all the advice.  I'll definitely take it.  He loves you alot and keep up the good work!

yeah like already i love elder bean soooo much! he reminds me of porter haha! and tell caleb he is missing out on saving souls! haha! and he better keep me updated! i bet those 2 games are sweet!

 elder bean has been in my zone already so i have played ball with him a lot and i love him soo much  when i heard that he was going to be my companion i didnt fall asleep until 1!

yeah i am at the family history center! elder bean is playing basketball right now! so renae is getting baptized she is superr funny she is around 50 she has a smoking problem but she is quitting  and jerine is getting baptized she is 40 and her best friend jessica is also! their is another one of their friends that could be baptized and jerines son and a couple more so the work is booming!

it is a long list of things! i have to give trainings, and i am responsible for my companionships! i love my shoes mom by the way !

(I asked him what he had planned for this week)  we have a church tour! and i am glad i am becoming a man haha! that is something good i am doing out here haha the spirit is crazy i love him haha!

yep just take through a normal church talk about the chapel the baptismal fonts and all of the pictures on it, it will be my first one!

 I think this his his scheduling book.

 I think this is the view from his apartment.  He is on the third floor.