Wednesday, November 13, 2013

11-11-13 - CADE - 3 Amigos - LAMP SHADE BBALL HOOP

Last, but not is Cade's email! 

This week has been amazing!! We have a baptism scheduled for this Saturday! it is Renee! We had a really good powerful lesson with her this week! Ee and Elder Bean got to her home, and she has been having a smoking problem! We went in planning to finish the plan of salvation, but the spirit took over and it was so strong, we ended up talking to her about the Book of Mormon and her smoking! In the middle of the lesson she started crying, and she had 2 cigarettes left in her box! At the very beginning I asked her to crush them and she said she wouldnt, so at the end when she was crying I just had this prompting to ask her to crush them again! and she did, she said that she is a non smoker! After that she said she is for sure going to be baptized this saturday! Renee has a glow about her! Ever since we began to teach, she has changed sooo much. It is crazy how the gospel can change peoples lives! If i didnt follow that prompting she wouldnt have realized that is what she needs to do! We have 3 more baptisms scheduled for this month!
I love Elder Bean sooo much!  The first night we were together Elder Bean and I stayed up til 1 in the morning! We get along sooo much! It turns out that he went all american in basketball at highschool!  We figured out that we have a gym in our apartments so that is super nice!Ii can stay buff :)
Elder Bean and I made a basketball hoop out of a old lamp shade, and we put it up at the ceiling and we use a ping pong ball as the ball it is super fun! Other than that, this week has gone by slow! I love this work and I love you all!!!!
Love Elder Lundberg

This is a card that Cade received from his zone leaders for becoming a district leader.  How cute!
Cade's new companion, Elder Bean, who will be playing basketball for BYU when he gets done with his mission!

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