Tuesday, November 5, 2013

11/04/13 - Jokin' Around

Okay.....so, last week, Cade didn't write too much of what was happening, so I didn't post anything.  This week....he wrote a little bit more.  HA HA  GOOD NEWS!  Cade was made a DISTRICT LEADER!  Awesome!!  I have also included some pics, too.

 The Elder on the right is Elder Brantley.  The Elder on the left is an elder that was a traveling trainer.  I don't remember his name.  It looks like he got along pretty well w/Cade.  HA HA

Cade sent me this picture on Monday this week.  HA HA

hey everyone! so first off i want to tell you a joke that elder brantley told me his last week with me! An indian was walking along and he fell in a deep hole nobody knew he was there, a couple years later a guy decided to build a cafe over the hole and the toilet was right over the hole, a guy came into the bathroom and looked into the toilet and saw the indian. then the guy said to the indian" how long have you been down there" and the indian said " many moons!" hahahahaha so anyway this week i had a high fever for 2 days so that was pretty poopy! but i got a call on halloween at around 10:00 and it was president, well he called me to be a district leader haha! i was nervous talking to him. my companion is elder bean! he has been in my zone already! so i know who he is, i love him sooo much already. he is going to play basketball at byu when he gets home! he is very good. he is from oklahoma and he has been out a transfer less than me so thats pretty cool! we have 3 baptisms already set up for this month and we plan to baptize a lot more! anyways nothing else really happened this week! i got the package and i sent all of them a letter which should get there today! my shoes are the best investment ever i absolutely love them!!!! i love all of you!
love elder Lundberg

Here is a little of our conversation:

 so i am over 2 other companionships and i am over a senior couple i am in the same apartment elder brantley is going to turlock!

i love those shoes! they fit my feet perfectly so when i need more shoes just get those again! i loved there package toilet paper was in them, i havent gotten aunt tracys yet! i just have a poop load of marshmallow mateys!

ME:  HA HA HA HA HA HA  If you can email Elder Gayan, you should tell him that you were supposed to share with him.  HA HA HA  You should take a pic of your new companion, too.  Elder Bean.  Is he pretty tall?

he is 6'5 and he is a baller mom he is super good! haha

ME:  That is awesome!!  I bet you have fun with him playing basketball.  It is also good that you get along with him.  It looks like Elder Brantley kind of loosened up a bit.  I am so glad we found some shoes that work for you.  I was a bit worried that they wouldn't fit.  BTW.....Caleb says you are missing out on Assassins Creed and Ghost and that he loves you and that he will try and keep you updated on the Denver Bronco games.  Thanks for all the advice.  I'll definitely take it.  He loves you alot and keep up the good work!

yeah like already i love elder bean soooo much! he reminds me of porter haha! and tell caleb he is missing out on saving souls! haha! and he better keep me updated! i bet those 2 games are sweet!

 elder bean has been in my zone already so i have played ball with him a lot and i love him soo much  when i heard that he was going to be my companion i didnt fall asleep until 1!

yeah i am at the family history center! elder bean is playing basketball right now! so renae is getting baptized she is superr funny she is around 50 she has a smoking problem but she is quitting  and jerine is getting baptized she is 40 and her best friend jessica is also! their is another one of their friends that could be baptized and jerines son and a couple more so the work is booming!

it is a long list of things! i have to give trainings, and i am responsible for my companionships! i love my shoes mom by the way !

(I asked him what he had planned for this week)  we have a church tour! and i am glad i am becoming a man haha! that is something good i am doing out here haha the spirit is crazy i love him haha!

yep just take through a normal church talk about the chapel the baptismal fonts and all of the pictures on it, it will be my first one!

 I think this his his scheduling book.

 I think this is the view from his apartment.  He is on the third floor.

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