Monday, October 21, 2013

10-21 - The Receipt is in the "Beg" - Elder KC Roose

This is an email I got from Cade's really good friend, KC, who is in St. Cloud, MN.  Love this boy!  He is hilarious!   You can see why he got along so well with Cade.
Hey Everyone. Its Is getting pretty cold here in the great state of Minnesota or should I say Minnesoooda. That's how everyone here says it anyway. They also say Beg for bag. It's so much fun to go the grocery store and when they ask, "Would you like the receipt in the beg?" to say it back to them, "Yes in the beg would be fine." It's hard to do it with a straight face though! My companion almost blew it today. Missions are great! I am learning so much. I forgot to tell everyone a couple things that happened last week. Elder Johnson and I were riding our bikes home one night last week and I accidently hit a dead squirrel on the side walk! It was so nasty. It made a squeaky toy noise though. We couldn't stop laughing. They are seriously everywhere here mostly alive though. It's so crazy. This week when I was on exchanges with the assistants to my president we went and taught a man named brother Magdoll. He is a member but fell away a while ago because his parents did. He is now in his 30's and goes to a grace church. During the lesson he told us that the reason he doesn't read the Book of Mormon anymore is because that he doesn't understand it. He reads the new version of the Bible. During the lesson 1st Nephi 3:7 came to my head. I opened to it and read it. I explained that feasting upon the words of god is a commandment and that if he prayed before he started to read that God would help him understand the scriptures. It ended up being his favorite scripture when he did read the B.O.M. Why did the particular scripture come into my mind? I could have shared tons of others with him. I learned that if we always have a prayer in our heart that the spirit will help us know what to say. It really helped him a lot. It was a cool experience.
At Sacrament meeting yesterday the clock died and the speaker had no clue! It was so funny. He kept looking at it like, " This is the longest 15 minutes of my life!" the Bishop finally told him and everybody started laughing. I swear he was the only one that didn't figure it out. He had an Ipad too. Good times! This week has been great! I'm doing great and hope everyone is doing great as well. I love you all.
Elder Roose
This is a picture that KC sent, as well.  Probably of St. Cloud, Minnesoooodda!  :)

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