Monday, October 14, 2013

10-14 - Work is Picking up in Modesto

Cade took this picture today!  He looks so good!

Hey Family!!!!
 So this week has been a really busy week.  I went on 2 exchanges, which was nice! the first one i went on was with elder swenson my zone leader, come to find out that he has been in the 2 ward before! so we were riding down carver road, and before we pull up to this man to talk to him he told me he was going to scream at ua hahah! so we pull up and all we say is hey sir how is it going?? and he comes up a foot away from our face and starts yelling, telling us that we are false doctrine preachers and that we dont even believe in the bible and stuff like that!!!! he wouldnt even let us get a word in! it was sooo funny!! haha and we went on another exchange friday! elder mossman came with me he is in our district! and there are these 2 huge spiders, so we torched them it was pretty funny! after that we were riding down the crazy street(evergreen) and we saw this chick in the back of this suv just beating the poopstain out of this dude that was driving she is yelling and what not  he almost wrecked so that was pretty crazy! when we were going to switch back from the exchange we looked off our balcony and this kid is smoking weed back there haha! one of our zone leaders asks him what he was doing and the kid just got up and left!! we had dinner With our elders chorum president on saturday, and he has this AMAZING chair it is called the human touch massage chair! it is the best thing known to man!!! mom you need to get one its the best every!!!!! we had a baptism we did a halftime for that night! it was a child of record baptism so it didnt count for us but we have been teaching her the lessons and we did the halftime show for that! and her mom is not a member and after that she said she wanted to baptized, so we are going to start teaching her this week!!!!!! And Aunt tracy you will Laugh! i met a girl in my ward that acts and talks just like Britney!!!!! i call her my mormon britney!!! it was the craziest thing! hahah  so this sunday Brother Escarcega Asked us to teach elders Quorum! so we did that which was really fun! i love teaching it is the best! we had dinner with a member and guess what???? they had a R2D2 Xbox! it even made noises like R2D2! it was sweet! so that pretty much wraps my week up for ya! the work is picking up! i love all of you!!!
Love Elder Lundberg

Thats cool! its is only 70 degrees here! it is super nice!! i miss home sometimes but then i get to work! haha i love talking in front of people now!!

I also asked him what a "half time" was.  He said it is when the person being baptized is getting ready after they were baptized....the in between time.  HA HA

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