Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pictures that Cade sent before he left Visalia

 Elder Gayan

 Cade's Zone Leader
 I'm pretty sure this is on their way to the Vineyard.

 Cade cut his knee because he was scared of a spider.  HA HA HA

 I'm pretty sure this is a picture of the sun during the fires there in California.

 This is the bruise on Cade's leg when he was trying to be funny and hit Elder Gayan's bike with his front tire.  He flipped over the bike and hurt himself pretty good.  Crazy Cade!!  HA HA
 I think this may be the Fresno Temple.

 This is the family that Cade baptized that moved from Modesto.

 couldn't resist this picture....Cade poopin' on a pink toilet!  HA HA

 This is Sister Jones.  Her and her husband really take care of the missionaries in their area.
 Awww.....Cade misses Daisy.  HA HA

 The Bishop from Visalia 2nd Ward.

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