Wednesday, October 16, 2013

10-14-13 The Great Call of Diligence - Cade's friend Matt on Monday, I received an email from Cade's friend, Matt Hepworth.  I really liked one of his thoughts, so I thought I'd share.  It really made me realize that I need to do better.  :)  I also included a picture of him, too.  Ha Ha 

Okay, on to the title of my email. This week has been great, I feel like the spirit I've gotten from conference has really helped me learn more in everything I've done this week.  I found two awesome verses in Alma this week that I love. I think I'll write a book with that title some day lol.   I also will be using some ideas from conference in here,  so these are not all my ideas :) little background info on these verses.  Its in Alma 28, and at this point in the Book of Mormon the biggest battle that's ever happened in the history of the Nephites and Laminites has just taken place. "Tens of Thousands" from each side were killed in the carnage. and it talks about how many people are morning for fear of the souls of those who were killed, and how many others truly mourn, for the loss of their families  but they rejoice because of their knowledge of Christ. so starting in vs 13 it says "      
                 13 And thus we see how great the inequality of man is because of sin and transgression, and the power of the devil, which comes by the cunning plans which he hath devised to ensnare the hearts of men                     14 And thus we see the great call of diligence of men to labor in the vineyards of the Lord; and thus we see the great reason of sorrow, and also of rejoicing—sorrow because of death and destruction among men, and joy because of the light of Christ unto life.
      Who knew that the Book of Mormon provides us with such an awesome slogan!?    Sin is anything that turns us away from god. It can be a good thing we're doing, but if it puts God on the back burner, then it is a sin. Why would a God (knowing  that he is the only God) say "Thou shalt have no other Gods before me"?  is he saying "okay, worship me first, then you can worship your other gods"? no, he talks about not serving any other masters. If you believe in multiple gods, then it is quite literal for you, but God knows there isn't other gods, he's telling us to put him first. THEN we will see the blessing's he's promised to all of us.  And thus we see the great call of diligence of all mankind, to LABOR. .......gosh, just typing that word makes me tired!   As we learned in conference, reading our scriptures, and praying everyday is not enough. Satan works 24/7 on us, so how hard do we need to work on us?........ 24/7 ....... we are not strong enough  too withstand Satan's temptations just coasting through life. We have to be DILIGENT!  Going back to the thought that Sin is when ever we turn away from god. that's what Verse 13 is taking about. His "cunning plans" are what ever takes priority in our lives before god, that is how he will "ensnare our hearts"    Seriously people, we don't give Satan enough credit,  he's good, soooo good. Believe me, I'm out here on the front lines, and the battle is real. But that's no reason to get discouraged, because I'm on the winning side.  Christ will win no matter what, and we can win our own personal battles with Diligence,  by LABORING! 

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