Thursday, October 10, 2013

10-07 P-Day in Modesto

On Sunday night, I received an email from a really nice lady that had the Elders over for dinner with in Modesto.  Her name is Heidi Howell.  She sent me a picture of Cade and his new companion, Elder Brantley.   Here is the picture she sent....along with what she emailed me.

Hi Sister Lundberg and Sister Brantley,

Tonight your sons came to dinner. We had taco salad with several kinds of meat, red grapes, and for dessert, cherry Reese's choc. crust pie. They gave a message about the stake goals.

As a missionary mom, I know what it's like not to see your son in person for such a long time. Tonight I saw and talked with them in person. They are alive and well, and are quickly gaining stronger testimonies as they serve the Lord, meet with the members and teach the gospel. You can be proud of your sons. And remember; they couldn't be in better hands – the Lord's.
dear family
so this week went by slow as can be!!!! elder brantley went to fresno for 2 days at a leadership conference! and thursday and friday i was in bed with a major major headache!!! it was absolutely horrible. Yeah, that is cool that she did that i was there for dinner last night! so hopefully she had good things to say about me haha! I am glad you like all of my pictures and videos! i love elder gayan he is like my older brother i never had! he is a goof ball! me and elder brantley get along  but he relies on me to make all the decisions and to basically lead the area, so it is hard that way! i am learning what elder gayan taught me, and it is coming in handy!!! I loved conference! we watched it at the stake center! it was weird because i am use to watching conferrence with my family! but my favorite talk was about elder ballard about missionary work!The coat looks really nice and maybe just a medium side bag would work or just a small! but its whatever you and dad decide!!! and thats cool caleb is playing center! i love that position sooo much so he is really putting that number to work where it is meant to be hahaha 74!!!! Anyway, mom I would like just a new Book of mormon, the newer one with all the new footnotes and what not! that would be pretty cool! anyway This week should be a good solid week! we have a lot of set appointments! so i love all of you keep up the good work! keep reading and praying!
Love Elder Lundberg

Yes i have the flower in my apartment and my new apartment is sooooo much smaller than the one i had! and we live on the top floor so we have to carry our bikes all the way up every day!!!

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