Monday, July 21, 2014

July 7-21 - Transfers - Being Shot At - Craziness I have been slacking in adding these to the blog, so today is catch-up day:

This week has been really crazy! we met president clark! lets just say he has a lot of bucks hahahaha! super wealthy! he sold one of his companies for 300 million dollars! it is crazy! we have just been trying to find people to baptize! haha for the fourth we went over to the griggs for dinner and they bought a lot of fireworks! it was crazy! it was super fun! we went over to larrys for dinner an hour before to his party! and lets just say that the spirit was definitely not there and i can definitely notice it as a missionary and i dont like that feeling at all so we only stayed for like 30 minutes! but other than that transfer calls are this saturday night i will find out what happens to me for this transfer! so i hope i go somewhere good! i love being a missionary i hope you have a good and fun camping week! love elder Luindberg!

So this is whats going on! i got released as a dsitrict leader after being one for 9 months!!!!!! i am just going up to a place called huson! to be a regular missionary!  its bitter sweet! its a nice break to just worry about me and nobody else! and just to completely focus on baptizing! another cool thing is brother rytting (this is Cade's favorite seminary teacher)  is in the huson ward! so i will have the opportunity to go on exchanges with him! elder mcgovern is getting transferred too. he is going to be up in they are bringing in elder gayan and elder brantley tosanger! so that is good! so this upcoming week is going to be kind of hectic for me! i love all of you ! i hope you have had fun camping! oh and before i forget just let me know when i can go and get a suit because i need one! hahaha love elder lundberg

The Griggs

This week has been pretty crazy! i left elder mcgovern and sanger on wednesday! i am now in just hughson but we cover waterford and le grange! elder brower is so funny! he is almost exactly like me! he still needs some tuning though. He is has done a lot in his life he graduated this last year. i have figured out why i got released! i guess hughson has been struggling for awehile so they need to spark the area and baptize here in hughson so that is what brings me here. President emailed me and says he is standing by for baptisms from Hughson so we will see what happens! we got a brand new ward mission leader on sunday so i get to train him how to be a great ward mission leader.  i have seen brother rytting i am so excited to work with him! he is actually in utah right now on vacation! right now its kind of a struggle but we are finding new investigators and we will baptize! i love being a missionary wherever i am!
Love Elder Lundberg

I left out a couple details! so like my second day we were in waterford tracting and teaching, i got offered weed, taught someone that was high, and got shot at all in one day! it was stinking crazy! getting shot at was scary as heck! i almost peed myself! haha we were on bikes and biking in this sketchy road and we heard this band and like a whistle flew passed us and we turned around and we saw a guy just take off! holy moly it was scary! haha another part is we ran into this black guy who believes that god hates white people and that the white people are going to serve the black people and he showed me scriptures in the bible that he interpreted wrong and it was just all bad and he almost fought elder Brower and you will hear about that in the recording it was just stinking crazy!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

06-16-14 - Elder Hepworth's Neat Thought on Prayer

I really liked what Matt (Elder Hepworth) - Cade's good friend - emailed this week.  So, I thought I'd share....

 I want to share a really awesome experience I had with prayer this week.

I was lying in bed one night after saying my prayers, and I was just thinking about prayer, Kinda like "it's crazy to think about that Heavenly Father hears and answers all of our prayers". Like just the idea of that, listening to each and everyone of us in the world as we
pray. And I was really getting into this thought. Not so much trying to understand how that's possible, but just thinking "wow, that's really incredible"   and just dwelling on that for a while,   and then I just got this overwhelming feeling of love and comfort from my
Heavenly Father. 

Was I in need of it?  no, not especially, but I just had this feeling that he was just sitting there looking down on me as if to say "ya, I hear you" Not an impatient, "ya I hear you, now hurry
it up, I got things to do" but more like a "I'm hear if you wanna talk, I'm all ears, I don't have anywhere to be, I'll be here as long as you need me"  as if it was just me and him. As if I was the only person in the world he cared about, or had to listen to that night..  Idk, I'm probably not even describing this that well, but it was cool, one of the coolest experiences I've ever had with prayer to be honest. And I know you don't have to be a missionary to have an experience like that either, because the truth is, I'm not the only person he loves, he loves all of you just the same, but isn't that a characteristic of someone who loves you so much? they make you feel like your the only important thing in the world?

Nobody can take that experience from me,  you don't just get a feeling like that from
no where. Our Heavenly Father loves us more then we will ever comprehend. I can't explain it, you'd think he'd have a lot more important things to do, and be too busy being a God, but he's not, we're the most important thing to him.

Someday I want to hire someone to paint this picture I had in my head, it was so clear to me as I was thinking about it, and made it even more real. Just this thought of my kneeling at my bed, with the world and all of it's craziness surrounding me, and then Heavenly Father up above me blocking out all of the craziness and just listening to me  

 Which then reminded me of one of my favorite primary songs. 'A Child's Prayer'

     "Heavenly Father, are you really there? and do you hear and answer every child's prayer?      Some say that Heaven is far away, but I feel it close around me as I pray." "Pray, he is there. Speak, he is listening.  YOU are his Child, his light now surrounds you.

      He, hears your prayers. He, loves the Children. 

06-16-14 - Training on Obedience

Oh my goodness... those pictures make me miss football! hahahaha This week was a good week, i got my scripture case and it works perfect!!!!! 
I had district meeting on Tuesday.  I trained on Obedience, and we set expectations for everybody this transfer! It was a super powerful district meeting. 
On Wednesday, we had leadership training and the Assistants praised me in front of the whole leadership in the mission because of my district meeting and how big of a difference it makes being trained on something they needed!
Elder Griffin came up to me and told me that, that training changed the rest of his mission! So that was good. I went on an exchange with Elder Castenada, another Assistant, and they were really worried about how they were going to baptize in the area, because they will barely be there because of the new mission president. It is pretty cool how the Lord can just put ideas and thoughts into your head. I figured out how they were gonna baptize through the Book of Mormon
I can testify that through the Book of Mormon is how the Lord talks to us! Saturday, Elder Mcgovern hurt his ankle that he broke 10 months ago, so we were stuck in our apartment all of Saturday and Sunday! But, now its a new week! I am ready to work!
Love Elder Lundberg

06-09 - The Light Pole and Dis Da Business


This week was transfer week. As you know, I am still in Sanger as a district leader. By the end of this transfer, I will have been a district leader for 9 stinkin months. It is crazy!
Victor has hit the loony train. It is really crazy to see what happens when people lose hold on the gospel and go back to their old ways! Before his baptism 2 weeks ago, he was the happiest ever and these past 2 weeks its like he is a completely different person!  Kathryn is dropped.  She is just in it for the wrong reasons, she needs money! Larry and Kristy are doing well. He is buying sodas instead of beer. In church, he was kind of explaining the first vision and this is what he said,  He said that 2 big yella beings appeared to joe smith!" haha It is soo funny, and then when he prayed about the Book of Mormon and felt the holy ghost he said, "Dis right here is da business, dis da business!" The mormon bible is deep, real deep! hahaha He is so funny! I love teaching black people!
I went on an exchange with the Clovis 3rd elders and smacked my knee hard into a big street light pole! I thought I broke my kneecap! It was so swollen, it was like somebody set a hostess cupcake on it or something. I will send you a picture! Other than that, we found a guy named Joel that has a date for the 28 and has 10 kids so we will see how it goes with him. Joe Joe is set to be baptized June 21!
I love this Gospel.  I really do! Its crazy to see how God works, and when you reconcile your self completely to His will, he will not lead you astray!  If you completely put your trust in Him and are obedient to all his commandments, He has to take care of you!  Miracles are predicated on obedience!

Love Elder Lundberg

Sunday, June 8, 2014

5-26 and 6-02


This week has been a long hot week! it has been in the 100s everyday! holy moly! i have never sweated sooo much in my life. its like sweat alll day every day i cannot get rid of it haha! but that is ok! we had zone conference on wednesday! and they played this powerful vidoe that  irecorded and will send to you! it is really cool! we had a scheduled baptism for vicotr on saturday but he wasnt there at the very last minute i was dressed in white baptismal font filled and everything! dang it!!!!!!! but he will be abptized this tuesday! church was good elder mcgovern sang again! hahaha he is really good! the reason why it took me so long to email this week is because the bonhams took us and two of their grandsons from cedarcity to king s canyon national park with huge sequoia trees i have pictures they are soooooooooooooo big! the biggest one we saw was 40 feet around it is the general grant treee! stinking amazing! other than that not much going on here we should have 3 or 2 baptisms this upoming week! love elder lundberg!
Well is ture sounds like you have had a busy week! hoply moly! how did caleb do with the lineman challenge???? DOES COACH LIKE HIM YET???  this week has been a good week! we had transfers this week and i am staying the same with elder mcgovern . i held weed for the first time in my life! haha victor confessed he was smoking and gave it to us! so that was cool i got pictures of it! we havent baptized may or april so i am stinking getting a little impatient because these are the first 2 moinths i havent baptized, so i am gonna try my hardest to baptize 4 this month to make up! other than that nothing really crazy has been going on! i hope all is well out there in utah and idaho! 
Love Elder Lundberg


Friday, May 23, 2014

5-23 - Miscellaneous Pics

Cade and Elder Gayan kicked "butt" on Lord of the Rings Risk!

Elder McGovern
 This is Elder Pinnock - from my Mom and Dad's ward.

5-12-14 and 5-19 - Lost the Car

Well this week lets just say it was crazy! i was at the temple on tuesday and then on sunday i talked to my mother and my whole family! holy moly! everybody seems to be getting sooo grown up! the solids we have for baptism this month is kathryn, victor, and joe joe! haha so i am doing pretty well! elder mcgovern is improving everyday and he will bne able to train next transfer! there are 2 weeks left in the transfer so we will see where i go to next! i am super excited but thats basically it for now!
love elder Lundberg

Wow everybody better watch out now! holy moly i cant believe shme is driving! what the heck! you guys are doing work in the yard! this wek was kind of a bnummer week! we got our car takin away fro us and my first day on a bike it was 102 degrees! hot hot hot!!!!! haha and we only had 2 people at church lary and brother delgado. kathryn didnt come so she isnt going to be baptized unfortunatelY!my butt is finaly starting to get used to biking and not hurting me! haha but we will have 3 to 4 baptisms this month so we are pushing hard! transfers are coming up and we will find out what happens to me may 31! i love being a missionary!! i love all of you!
Love Elder Lundberg