Sunday, October 5, 2014

September2014 - Everything is GLORIOUS!

09-01-14 - Transferred to Fresno and is a Zone Leader

oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!! I am absolutely having the time of my life. this past week elder linekar and I have hit it off! we haven't taken a break since we have been together. just with zone leader things and teaching appointments and what not! we have set 3 dates already and they are all super solid for September. I get a truck to drive around in. its a 2014 Nissan frontier its super nice. elder linekar is from burmingham England. it has felt like we have been together for a lot longer than we actually have!  ihave just been sooo happy and we are just destroying fresno through baptisms. we live close to fresno state and we contact on on the university so that's fun and we have like parties and stuff for the ysa because the members are so missionary minded and they bring their friends! the other day we hade a member named mike ice come out with us all day on Saturday it was awesome! I know nobody besides a ysa ward that would do that! we haven't been home before 9 yet we have always pushed 930 everyday because we aRe just slammed with apointments which is good. here is an experience for ya! we are teaching this guy named ricardo and elder linekar dropped him before because he was receding because theyu pushed baptism and he didn't want that< so on Saturday we had a powerful lesson. Ihe was making all kindsa of excuses to not get baptized and I just felt gods disappointment in him for not wanting to get baptized and the spirit told me to tell him that god is disappointed in him so I told him and you could see the spirit just work through him hard! and we told him that god wanted him to be baptized sep 20 and he said he would askl god about iit so we will see what happened! we didn't go home until like 10 10 15. but god was joyous about it we were absolutely soo stinking happy with an eternal happiness I haven't been happier on my mission its stinking amazing!
Love elder Lundberg


That did surprise the heck out of me that you saw president gelwix! i love him a lot and i know who the missionaries were! one is elder matonee and elder diaz! both zone leaders! haha this week has been a great week! i absolutely love the ysa! we have ed! he is being baptized on sunday after church! young just seem to get the gospel fatser and more clearer then anybody else it is insane!  so here is a spiritual experience for ya on how fasting works! so i fasted sunday for a lot of things! but one of the things i fasted for was that we could find an investigator that is ready to get baptized. so we wwalk into church and we see this guy in jeans and a button up shirt sitting in the back row! his name is cesar and he just moved from bakersfield to attend fresno state! turns out that his mom has been a member his whole life and he has not yet been baptized and he came to church on his own! he is living with a member out here! and we are going to see if we can baptize him this upcomiong week! it was awesome! elder linekar and i are just having the time of our lives out here! i feel like i am in the priome of my mission that has an extremely good companion and we are just tearing things up! i absolutely love it out hewre! what else did president gelwix say about me??
Love E#Lder Lundberg


This week was stinking gloriously awesome! we had a baptism!!!!! we baptised ed!!!!! the most super prepared person in the whole world! we only taught him for three  weeks! i love ed so much he is a phillipino that really wants to change his life! so that was good! we had president interviews this week and we didnt have a lot of time left  at the end so he called both elder linekar and i in and he said he is super excited for the work we are doing in this zone! i love elder linekar he is the funniest missionary ever he is a hard worker too! So ed he brought us balut and he taught us how to open it and the look of that thing was soo sick so i didnt eat it but then elder linekar decided to just do it! hahaha he said it was the most vile thing he has ever aten! it was absolutely disgusting and ed was laughing so hard! hah this week was fun!! i love all of you!
Love elder Lundberg!


So this last week was a really good week! we were able to take ed out(our recent convert of a week) teaching with us! it is amazing seeing how converted he is to the gospel! i love ed so much!  its been a bit of a slower week but thats ok we are just working harder and harder every day! I just absolutely love this gospel so much! one thing that i love about elder linekar is that he knows so much about the gospel and we just sit in the car while i am driving and we just talk about doctrine and what not! he has talks by hugh w nibley on just gospel topics that we listen to! and they are amazing! I need to get a usb here pretty soon because i am gonna need to put some zone leader stuff on it and all these talks before i leave elder linekar ! there are some really cool things on his usb! i would like to get them so i can have them to listenb too for when i get home because there is a lot of stuff on it! other than that this week was a good week! we both fasted on sunday to baptize 3 more! to reach the goal we set for this month! so i will tell you how it goes!
loove Elder Lundberg!


This week was awesome! we were able to watch meet the mormons in mlc! which is mission leadership council for the zone leaders! and i should say that, that movie is a definite must watch! it is the best moviie in the world! they ran it through some trials and about 78 percent of non members said that they would bring their friends to watch it! and almost all of them either regretted to not letting the missionaries into their homes or wanted them into their homes!!! haha it was sweet ! we also had a last minute baptism elder linekar and i both fasted that we would baptize this week, last sunday! and it got to friday when all of a sudden we get this call from missionaries saying that they have an investigator moving into our area and that she wanted to get baptized on saturday. so we went with one of those missionaries to see if she could be! and it was a miracle she was ready! it was insane and so we had a baptim on saturday her name is porsha! it was awesome! god is stinkin real! if we fast and we are sincere about it god will grant us what we fasted for! i love this gospel it is the absolute best!!Also we were able to have breakfast with president and sister clark on thursday morning because we were headed to get bikes from the mission home and they were still home and the invited us in to eat with them! i love them sooo much i definitely feel like already i have a personal relationship with president clark more than what i did with president gelwix! i love the clarks so much! i love being a missionaryt iit is the best thing in the world!!!!
Love ELder Lundberg!!

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