Monday, July 21, 2014

July 7-21 - Transfers - Being Shot At - Craziness I have been slacking in adding these to the blog, so today is catch-up day:

This week has been really crazy! we met president clark! lets just say he has a lot of bucks hahahaha! super wealthy! he sold one of his companies for 300 million dollars! it is crazy! we have just been trying to find people to baptize! haha for the fourth we went over to the griggs for dinner and they bought a lot of fireworks! it was crazy! it was super fun! we went over to larrys for dinner an hour before to his party! and lets just say that the spirit was definitely not there and i can definitely notice it as a missionary and i dont like that feeling at all so we only stayed for like 30 minutes! but other than that transfer calls are this saturday night i will find out what happens to me for this transfer! so i hope i go somewhere good! i love being a missionary i hope you have a good and fun camping week! love elder Luindberg!

So this is whats going on! i got released as a dsitrict leader after being one for 9 months!!!!!! i am just going up to a place called huson! to be a regular missionary!  its bitter sweet! its a nice break to just worry about me and nobody else! and just to completely focus on baptizing! another cool thing is brother rytting (this is Cade's favorite seminary teacher)  is in the huson ward! so i will have the opportunity to go on exchanges with him! elder mcgovern is getting transferred too. he is going to be up in they are bringing in elder gayan and elder brantley tosanger! so that is good! so this upcoming week is going to be kind of hectic for me! i love all of you ! i hope you have had fun camping! oh and before i forget just let me know when i can go and get a suit because i need one! hahaha love elder lundberg

The Griggs

This week has been pretty crazy! i left elder mcgovern and sanger on wednesday! i am now in just hughson but we cover waterford and le grange! elder brower is so funny! he is almost exactly like me! he still needs some tuning though. He is has done a lot in his life he graduated this last year. i have figured out why i got released! i guess hughson has been struggling for awehile so they need to spark the area and baptize here in hughson so that is what brings me here. President emailed me and says he is standing by for baptisms from Hughson so we will see what happens! we got a brand new ward mission leader on sunday so i get to train him how to be a great ward mission leader.  i have seen brother rytting i am so excited to work with him! he is actually in utah right now on vacation! right now its kind of a struggle but we are finding new investigators and we will baptize! i love being a missionary wherever i am!
Love Elder Lundberg

I left out a couple details! so like my second day we were in waterford tracting and teaching, i got offered weed, taught someone that was high, and got shot at all in one day! it was stinking crazy! getting shot at was scary as heck! i almost peed myself! haha we were on bikes and biking in this sketchy road and we heard this band and like a whistle flew passed us and we turned around and we saw a guy just take off! holy moly it was scary! haha another part is we ran into this black guy who believes that god hates white people and that the white people are going to serve the black people and he showed me scriptures in the bible that he interpreted wrong and it was just all bad and he almost fought elder Brower and you will hear about that in the recording it was just stinking crazy!!!