Sunday, July 28, 2013

7-22 Letter to David

Hey Father!  (He finally wrote his Dad)  Ha Ha

How's work going?  I just thought I would write you and tell you how everything is going over here in Cali.  We had a baptism yesterday.  His name is Mathew.  His Dad, was baptized a month before I came out.  The look on his dad's face was the best ever.  The Gospel really does bless families lives, and I am glad I can try to bring it to every family I can!  Father, I just want to let you know how much I love you, and how big of a part you have played in my life.  I would like to thank you for showing me how to honor my priesthood, and being that example.  Dad, you are the person who I look up to the most in my life.  Thank you for being tough on me.  I know I was, and maybe still am, a ding a ling.  But, thank you for never giving up.  Dad, I want to let you know that I love this gospel with all my heart.  I know that this Church is true, and the Holy Ghost can work miracles.  I have seen it already on my mission.

I absolutely know the BOM is true for a fact!!!  Father, I love you soo much, and all that you have done for me whether it be you giving up something so I could have it, or whatever.  I am truly grateful for you and Mom.  I am so glad and so lucky that I chose you two as my parents.  Dad, our work begins on our knees.  Moroni 10:305

Love Always (your son)

Elder Lundberg

Monday, July 22, 2013

7-22-13 P-DAY

Cade's letter for today!  Looks like he broke his bike....ALREADY!  Ha Ha

Hey Mom,
 Weeks are going by super fast hah. My week has gone good.  We did have a baptism yesterday.  Me and Elder Gayan spoke on the holy ghost.  That would be number 3 haha.  I got both of the boxes but the sd card did not have any videos on it just the ones of me in the mtc so i am sending that back today. My bike is totally broken.  The pedals fell off and tore up the threading.   So i took it in.  Turns out the shifter is broken also, so they have to fix all of that, so it is going to cost me 100 dollars, so just a warning.  I will probably pick it up tomorrow. Ii have fixed myself  spaghettios and meatballs,  sandwhiches  chips and salsa.  We really dont have to fix dinner.   The ward is awesome mom, we get fed every night. You will laugh because i have already had to eat some salmon:( hahaha but its ok i guess its good for me. we have already had zone conference. Mom i want you and dad to have investigator for our ward be taught at home with the missionaries, because for every 3 investigators taught in a members home 2 get baptized. I know that as you do this the spirit will be so much stronger at home and the investigators will feel it also. We have 3 more baptisms scheduled Saturday, Juanita (mom) clarissa and anabel (daughters 11 and 8).  I just want to let you know it is crazy how the spirit can work on people.  You can tell they feel it. Juanita gets so happy when we go and teach her.   She always says she feels good and happy.  I love that soo much. Elder Gayan is from Wisconsin.  He is 24 and he has been out 3 months.  He is super awesome. We get along so well. I am glad we prayed for him. I am starting to get a lot more comfortable with knocking on peoples door and asking them for a harvest blessing, and just street contacting with a pass a long card. Mom, tell dad I love him soo much.  I would write him, but I dont know his email. I will just write a letter probably tonight, but tell him for being such a great example with just everything like honoring his preisthood and with his calling and just being my dad. Tell caleb to stop being a butt!!! Tell him to play football and to  read his scriptures. Tell him that I know it is hard, but he has got to be an example to his friends and stand up for what he knows is right.  Trust me, once you are out on your mission, you will know that the gospel will mean the most to you. Tell him to read the story of King Lehonti in Alma. It is related to sin. Tell him that I love him and I want him to be the best he can be to the lord. Oh also tell him to say his prayers. and tell the girls to keep being the beautiful daughters of God they are and be an example to Caleb and encourage him. Mom keep being amazing like you are and in everything you do.  You truly have been an example to me. Read the scriptures every night and it will help you.  I love you mom! I love all of you. Just remember that OUR WORK BEGINS ON OUR KNEES!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

P-Day - July 15, 2013

I didn't get an email from Cade until 6:25 tonight!  AHHHH!  Ha Ha  I will have to ask him where he goes to type his letters on P-Day.  He did send a couple of pics last week, which I will post, as well.  It took awhile for me to get them because they were so big.

I also found out that he is in the apartments on the corner of Giddings and Tulare in Visalia.  So, if you type in Giddings St in Visalia, CA on Google maps, you can see the apartments he is staying in.  They seem to be in a clean neighborhood.  The yards are very well taken care of.  Cade is in a good place and doing a great job.  I am so proud of him.

 This is Elder Gayan, his Trainer.  We prayed our rears off for him.  I am so glad that he gets along well with Cade.
Look at Cade.  He has lost weight, you can tell.  His collar has more room in it.  Ha Ha

Cade's Email Today:

hey mom! 
   my apartment is on the crossroads of giddings and tulare. this week we taught a mexican family and we committed them to church on sunday but they didnt show up... it was disappointing but it is ok i guess! we have been biking around every where it is crazy! thewe are some scary streets tho here in visalia. there is this place called the oval and it is a park where there are like 50 bums living there, i have never ever seen so many bums ever! The spirit is so crazy, it makes you think of the persons needs and ask certain questions to the investigators and especially when you bear your testimony you can definitely bring the spirit. we are having another baptism on sunday, his name is mathew he is 11 years old very cool little kid. mom i love the people of visalia. there is this couple named the jones, they are like our moms and dads away from home whenever we need anything they are there for whatever. what i want you and  the family to do is read some chapters out of the bom together i think it will help with what you guys are going through ether 12     moroni   10 alma   32  and just pray as a family Mom i know that as you do this it will make things at home easier, it will encourage the spirit to dwell at home! maybe even have dad bless the home again! as you read these chapters together and as you talk about them and really study them , go over each verse and pick out something from each verse that can help you you will feel  a difference and i know that for a fact . i know this gospel is true without a doubt in my mind. i know the key to conversion is the spirit. i definitely have a testimony about the spirit already, and how it can change investigators lives and how it can make them change for the better . i love you mom tell everybody that i love them too.  i will write you next week by the way i havent got your sd card yet so i will probably get it here in a little while.

love always elder lundberg!

Another Email Today:

i am also learning so much about the gospel it is unbelievable! mom this is the best experience for me right now i know this is where i am suppose to be in my life i love everything about what i am doing!  i love this gospel with all my heart. i have truly seen how it can change peoples lives and make them happy again! and its been only the first month! we pray for miracles all the time like getting a baptism each week and stuff like that! i am sooo excited to send you more pictures, sorry i couldnt send any today we forgot our cameras and we are in a hurry!

Monday, July 8, 2013

7/08 - P-Day Letter

Hey mom!!!! i had my first baptism yesterday! i would post pics but i dont know how to upload pics from the camera to the the computer because it is being retarded!!!! it has pics of our apartment and everything!!!! so that is kinda poopy. anyway i have knocked on a whole bunch of doors and and have gotten rejected. i loved this ward the members are amazing!!!!! i love one old couple named the jones. they do everything for us!!! the bishop is bishop hagman. aat the baptism yesterday i gave a talk on the holy ghost, so that went went pretty well. there are lots and lots of mexicans!!1 my bike seat kinda sucks it hurts my butt so i go and buy a new seat today and it doesnt even work!!!!! so later tonight i have to ride on it and it hurts so bad! i also bore my tesimony on sunday and introduced myself to everybody so that was pretty good. i am starting to get use to talking in front of people and on the fly too! elder gayan is 24 and he played college ball he has only been out 3 months. i am not as homesick as i thought so thats good!  i know this gospel is true mom, without any doubt.  i love this church  with all my heart! i dont know what i would do without it. i am so glad that i have the chance to serve the lord and to spread the gospel. mother i want you to know, that i love you and dad with all my heart if it wasnt for you 2 helping me and pushing me along i probably would not be here at this moment and time. and i am so greatful for what you have done for me. tell the kids i love them too!!! and tell keisha goodluck on braces and caleb goodluck with football and kassidy good luck at staying home haha and good luck to all you guys on trek!!! i love you guys
Elder Lundberg

7/04 and 7/05 Letter - From Fresno


I am in Fresno!  I know I emailed you, but it wasn't long at all.  It's alot to take in right now!  It is about 7:30 in the morning!  And, boy, am I thinking about my family!  I love you, Mom, soo much.  President Gelwix is an amazing man.  Last night, we slept in the assistants to the president's house!  All 29 of us new missionaries.  By the way, they do make us part our hair, it's actually not to bad!  I will be meeting my trainer today, and going to our new area.  There are some super scary & sketchy places here, not gonna lie.  I think I am getting a little homesick again.  But, that's alright, I guess.  I will learn to work through it.  Let's see how today goes and if i can make it till night.  I hope you  have a good 4th, Mom.  Tell Dad and the kids Hi for me!  I miss you guys alot!

love Always,

Elder Lundberg


Hey Mom!  (David keeps saying....why does he always just write to "MOM".)  HA HA

I am in Visalia!  My trainer is definately a stud!  his name is Elder Gayan!  I think me and him will get along good!  I just got done running, it's HOT!  Already, today, we are going to meet the Bishop and so forth!  I love you guys.  I will email you on Monday, that's my P-Day!

Love, Elder Lundberg

P.S.  I am going to be buying gel and a comb because I have to part my hair!

Friday, July 5, 2013

July 3 - Email from Mission Home in Fresno - Short and Sweet

hey mom i am here in fresno. i made it I dont have a lot of time to email but its really crazy and crazily hot i love you guys sooo much have fun on the fourth i will write you here soon so be prepared i meet my trainer tomorrow so wish me luck telll everuybody that i love them. Love Elder Lundberg

Email received on July 2nd

hey mother!!!!! whats up????? i will be sending my pictures today in the mail today so you will have them. thanks for the pictures i like them!!!! tell aunt kim hi for me!!!! i am just waiting on my laundry right now i think i have 20 minutes left haha. i hope you are all doing well over there at home. also tell aunt kim hi for me and thanks for the email that she sent. i will probably get the chance to send you another email because i have an hour and i am only 10 minutes into it! i havent even begin packing all of my stuff yet. tell keisha congrats for me, she will have straight teeth finally!!!!!!!tell dad goodluck working on those nights thats gotta suck haha. i will be waiting for those pics so i can hang them up for sure. tell everybody hi and that i love them! i have to be at the travel office at 530 tomorrow morning so be up kinda early so if i call you can get it and answer it! you guys are always in my prayers everyday. i for sure know this church is true without a single doubt in my mind. i know what i am doing out here is the right thing for me and for this church. Mom i love this gospel so much i have learned so much in the 2 weeks i have been here. and i believe that my testimony has grown so much you will be getting my pics here in a couple of days so be expecting those i love you mom so much!!!!!
Love ( your son)
Elder Cade Lundberg

Videos from the MTC

This is Cade with his district.  I think Elder Judy is HILARIOUS! 

Cade trying to get Elder Judy to dance.  HA HA

 Cade thought he'd share this with all of us.  He found it pretty funny.  Oh dear!!!  HA HA

Pictures that Cade sent

 This is Cade's handwriting on the white board.

 This is Elder Dale - Cade's companion from Lehi, UT
 Cade's closet and bed.
 Cade's district at the Provo Temple
 Cade's district again.
These are Cade's roommates.  Elder Dale on the left, then Elder Rainey from Mudlake, Idaho, and then Elder Judy from Pocatello, ID.

 Cade's companion - Elder Dale

 This is Elder Judy trying to be like Elder Rainey, who just got out of boot camp with the Marines.

 This is Elder Rainey from Mudlake, ID.

This is a sister who was one of Cade's teachers.

July 3 - Cade calling from Airport - Video

Here is a video of us talking to Cade when he called us from the airport.  We were able to talk to him for 30 mins.  This is only a part of the conversion.  It was so good to hear his voice.

7-01 Letter


I am glad I made my father cry!  And, I know I thought that I would be a lot more homesick!  My last 7 hour class was today and tomorrow is my P-day.  I really don't mind cooking for myself, so that won't matter.  Wednesday, I would love to talk to my father!  I am excited to talk to you guys!  I am losing weight already, so that's a good thing.  I will be way skinny when I get out of my mission!  I am definitely won't be wearing my suit coat.  It's fetchin' hot out here in Provo.  I hope you guys have fun for the 4th.  it sucks there won't be fireworks that you guys can light off!!  I will be watching the big nice fireworks, and you guys will be just stuck with Magna fireworks!  I love you Mom.  I will be sending my SD card on the next letter.

Love, Elder Cade Lundberg

Another letter we got with his SD card:


Here is the SD card.  I hope you enjoy these pics.  I think they are good & funny.  I Love you guys!

Love, Elder Lundberg

6-29-13 Letter


I am so glad my letters mean alot to you guys!  Dad's letter should be there by now.  Tell Caleb to top my $200 paycheck!  If he listens to me, he will become who God wants him to be.  We are on the 11;26 flight.  I hope my brace is new.  I need a new dadgum one.  Gracious!  I will send my pics on Monday!  And, yes, he saw me at the broadcast thing (Nick).  He was so excited.  You enjoy church.  Go with a question that needs to be answered and say a pryaer before to help you get that answer, and it will change your outlook on church.  I love you guys to death.  God Speed.

Moroni 10:4
Love Always, Elder Lundberg

"As we obey, God gives us power to meet life's challenges."