Friday, July 5, 2013

Email received on July 2nd

hey mother!!!!! whats up????? i will be sending my pictures today in the mail today so you will have them. thanks for the pictures i like them!!!! tell aunt kim hi for me!!!! i am just waiting on my laundry right now i think i have 20 minutes left haha. i hope you are all doing well over there at home. also tell aunt kim hi for me and thanks for the email that she sent. i will probably get the chance to send you another email because i have an hour and i am only 10 minutes into it! i havent even begin packing all of my stuff yet. tell keisha congrats for me, she will have straight teeth finally!!!!!!!tell dad goodluck working on those nights thats gotta suck haha. i will be waiting for those pics so i can hang them up for sure. tell everybody hi and that i love them! i have to be at the travel office at 530 tomorrow morning so be up kinda early so if i call you can get it and answer it! you guys are always in my prayers everyday. i for sure know this church is true without a single doubt in my mind. i know what i am doing out here is the right thing for me and for this church. Mom i love this gospel so much i have learned so much in the 2 weeks i have been here. and i believe that my testimony has grown so much you will be getting my pics here in a couple of days so be expecting those i love you mom so much!!!!!
Love ( your son)
Elder Cade Lundberg

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