Monday, July 8, 2013

7/04 and 7/05 Letter - From Fresno


I am in Fresno!  I know I emailed you, but it wasn't long at all.  It's alot to take in right now!  It is about 7:30 in the morning!  And, boy, am I thinking about my family!  I love you, Mom, soo much.  President Gelwix is an amazing man.  Last night, we slept in the assistants to the president's house!  All 29 of us new missionaries.  By the way, they do make us part our hair, it's actually not to bad!  I will be meeting my trainer today, and going to our new area.  There are some super scary & sketchy places here, not gonna lie.  I think I am getting a little homesick again.  But, that's alright, I guess.  I will learn to work through it.  Let's see how today goes and if i can make it till night.  I hope you  have a good 4th, Mom.  Tell Dad and the kids Hi for me!  I miss you guys alot!

love Always,

Elder Lundberg


Hey Mom!  (David keeps saying....why does he always just write to "MOM".)  HA HA

I am in Visalia!  My trainer is definately a stud!  his name is Elder Gayan!  I think me and him will get along good!  I just got done running, it's HOT!  Already, today, we are going to meet the Bishop and so forth!  I love you guys.  I will email you on Monday, that's my P-Day!

Love, Elder Lundberg

P.S.  I am going to be buying gel and a comb because I have to part my hair!

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