Monday, July 8, 2013

7/08 - P-Day Letter

Hey mom!!!! i had my first baptism yesterday! i would post pics but i dont know how to upload pics from the camera to the the computer because it is being retarded!!!! it has pics of our apartment and everything!!!! so that is kinda poopy. anyway i have knocked on a whole bunch of doors and and have gotten rejected. i loved this ward the members are amazing!!!!! i love one old couple named the jones. they do everything for us!!! the bishop is bishop hagman. aat the baptism yesterday i gave a talk on the holy ghost, so that went went pretty well. there are lots and lots of mexicans!!1 my bike seat kinda sucks it hurts my butt so i go and buy a new seat today and it doesnt even work!!!!! so later tonight i have to ride on it and it hurts so bad! i also bore my tesimony on sunday and introduced myself to everybody so that was pretty good. i am starting to get use to talking in front of people and on the fly too! elder gayan is 24 and he played college ball he has only been out 3 months. i am not as homesick as i thought so thats good!  i know this gospel is true mom, without any doubt.  i love this church  with all my heart! i dont know what i would do without it. i am so glad that i have the chance to serve the lord and to spread the gospel. mother i want you to know, that i love you and dad with all my heart if it wasnt for you 2 helping me and pushing me along i probably would not be here at this moment and time. and i am so greatful for what you have done for me. tell the kids i love them too!!! and tell keisha goodluck on braces and caleb goodluck with football and kassidy good luck at staying home haha and good luck to all you guys on trek!!! i love you guys
Elder Lundberg

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