Monday, July 15, 2013

P-Day - July 15, 2013

I didn't get an email from Cade until 6:25 tonight!  AHHHH!  Ha Ha  I will have to ask him where he goes to type his letters on P-Day.  He did send a couple of pics last week, which I will post, as well.  It took awhile for me to get them because they were so big.

I also found out that he is in the apartments on the corner of Giddings and Tulare in Visalia.  So, if you type in Giddings St in Visalia, CA on Google maps, you can see the apartments he is staying in.  They seem to be in a clean neighborhood.  The yards are very well taken care of.  Cade is in a good place and doing a great job.  I am so proud of him.

 This is Elder Gayan, his Trainer.  We prayed our rears off for him.  I am so glad that he gets along well with Cade.
Look at Cade.  He has lost weight, you can tell.  His collar has more room in it.  Ha Ha

Cade's Email Today:

hey mom! 
   my apartment is on the crossroads of giddings and tulare. this week we taught a mexican family and we committed them to church on sunday but they didnt show up... it was disappointing but it is ok i guess! we have been biking around every where it is crazy! thewe are some scary streets tho here in visalia. there is this place called the oval and it is a park where there are like 50 bums living there, i have never ever seen so many bums ever! The spirit is so crazy, it makes you think of the persons needs and ask certain questions to the investigators and especially when you bear your testimony you can definitely bring the spirit. we are having another baptism on sunday, his name is mathew he is 11 years old very cool little kid. mom i love the people of visalia. there is this couple named the jones, they are like our moms and dads away from home whenever we need anything they are there for whatever. what i want you and  the family to do is read some chapters out of the bom together i think it will help with what you guys are going through ether 12     moroni   10 alma   32  and just pray as a family Mom i know that as you do this it will make things at home easier, it will encourage the spirit to dwell at home! maybe even have dad bless the home again! as you read these chapters together and as you talk about them and really study them , go over each verse and pick out something from each verse that can help you you will feel  a difference and i know that for a fact . i know this gospel is true without a doubt in my mind. i know the key to conversion is the spirit. i definitely have a testimony about the spirit already, and how it can change investigators lives and how it can make them change for the better . i love you mom tell everybody that i love them too.  i will write you next week by the way i havent got your sd card yet so i will probably get it here in a little while.

love always elder lundberg!

Another Email Today:

i am also learning so much about the gospel it is unbelievable! mom this is the best experience for me right now i know this is where i am suppose to be in my life i love everything about what i am doing!  i love this gospel with all my heart. i have truly seen how it can change peoples lives and make them happy again! and its been only the first month! we pray for miracles all the time like getting a baptism each week and stuff like that! i am sooo excited to send you more pictures, sorry i couldnt send any today we forgot our cameras and we are in a hurry!

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