Friday, July 5, 2013

6-29-13 Letter


I am so glad my letters mean alot to you guys!  Dad's letter should be there by now.  Tell Caleb to top my $200 paycheck!  If he listens to me, he will become who God wants him to be.  We are on the 11;26 flight.  I hope my brace is new.  I need a new dadgum one.  Gracious!  I will send my pics on Monday!  And, yes, he saw me at the broadcast thing (Nick).  He was so excited.  You enjoy church.  Go with a question that needs to be answered and say a pryaer before to help you get that answer, and it will change your outlook on church.  I love you guys to death.  God Speed.

Moroni 10:4
Love Always, Elder Lundberg

"As we obey, God gives us power to meet life's challenges."

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