Sunday, July 28, 2013

7-22 Letter to David

Hey Father!  (He finally wrote his Dad)  Ha Ha

How's work going?  I just thought I would write you and tell you how everything is going over here in Cali.  We had a baptism yesterday.  His name is Mathew.  His Dad, was baptized a month before I came out.  The look on his dad's face was the best ever.  The Gospel really does bless families lives, and I am glad I can try to bring it to every family I can!  Father, I just want to let you know how much I love you, and how big of a part you have played in my life.  I would like to thank you for showing me how to honor my priesthood, and being that example.  Dad, you are the person who I look up to the most in my life.  Thank you for being tough on me.  I know I was, and maybe still am, a ding a ling.  But, thank you for never giving up.  Dad, I want to let you know that I love this gospel with all my heart.  I know that this Church is true, and the Holy Ghost can work miracles.  I have seen it already on my mission.

I absolutely know the BOM is true for a fact!!!  Father, I love you soo much, and all that you have done for me whether it be you giving up something so I could have it, or whatever.  I am truly grateful for you and Mom.  I am so glad and so lucky that I chose you two as my parents.  Dad, our work begins on our knees.  Moroni 10:305

Love Always (your son)

Elder Lundberg

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