Sunday, August 4, 2013

7-29 Email

hey mom and dad,
my bike got fixed but it cost 116 dollars and they wont re imburse me because i didnt get it fixed in fresno i got it fixed in visalia so its is kind of poopy. this week should go by very smoothly we werent able to baptize the family i told you about because she hasnt been home because her son is in the hospital, so we are shooting for next week. but she is so prepared all she does is need to get married to her boyfriend she is living with. they have been together for 9 years so it will be easy. i am going to tell you about a miracle that happened to us. we went to a bad refferal thats a 20 minute bike ride away and the refferals address wasnt even in existence so we just started to knock doors and this hispanic boy came to us and asked what we were doing and we told him we were missionaries, and what we do. he told us that he wanted to come to church and and he took us back to his house and turns out that his moms a less active member and she has four unbaptized boys and three of them we set a date for aug 11. it was such an amzzing miracle. we are teaching juanita and her 2 kids, that are being baptized on sunday the rest of this week. what scripture i have been reading today that has touched me is mosiah 27 it is about the sons of mosiah. i love it sooo much. Me and my companion gave to half time shows at a baptism on saturday and sunday that is just the thing that we do when they are getting dressed. i love baptisms mom and dad. the spirit is there sooooo strong every single time. i want to challenge you 2 to get as many lessons in your home with investigators as possible. i promise the spirit will be there and for every 3 lessons taught to investigators in members homes 2 of those investigators are baptized. and you and the kids will be blessed because of that i know you will. you guys and caleb and keisha and kassidy are always in my prayers every single night and every morning!!! the best thing i have eaten is everything sooo far haha. except i was fed salmon and it was sooooooo dang gross!!!! anyways i love bringing the gospel into peoples lives it is amazing how the spirit works on those who are prepared!!!
Love Always Elder Lundberg
ps i am send dad and caleb a letter!!

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