Tuesday, August 20, 2013

8-19 P-Day

I also got an SD card from him last week, so here are some pics, as well.
Hey family!!!!
This week has been another slower week! all of our baptism dates fell through so thats really hard! we were suppose to have 15 at sacrament on sunday But we only had 4 so there is another bummer.  Anyway it sounds like you are so glad that the kids are in school! hahaha Football practice makes me miss playing football because we are right by the school! so that is kind of a bummer but it is ok! My bike got fixed for free the crank bent and then the pedal bent! i guess i am just a big boy haha! the guy said he has never had any problem with the crank bending! it has been over 95 degrees this whole week so that is poopy! i have been sweating puddles! other than that i have been losing weight and i am getting skinner i run a mile every day in the morning so thats good and once a week we play basketball which is fun! Do you rememeber the williams from pingry idaho????? they remember the mortimers and they are serving here in visalia so that is pretty cool! any way i love you guys soooooo much! keep reading your scriptures and saying prayers and the lord will bless you!! OUR WORK BEGINS ON OUR KNEES!!!
Love Elder Lundberg

 Cade had to get a new bike seat.  He is showing us the difference.  ha ha

 I couldn't figure out what this was a picture of until I asked him yesterday.  We couldn't tell if it was a spider bit, or what.  ha ha  It is a chapstick welt.  I guess him and his companion have Chapstick wars.  ?????  HA HA HA

 I think Cade needs a haircut.  David said he looks like he has a tiara.   HA HA

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