Monday, August 5, 2013

8-05 P-Day Letter

Hey mom!!!!
 this week has been kind of a bummer week. our numbers were really slpw and we really didnt get our baptisms that we wanted. we havent been able to get inside her house for 2 weeks. But we just keep praying and having faith. I am so happy that keisha is getting her teeth fixed. that is awesome!! we really havent had a lot of i guess special experiences this week. it has been on the rough side. we have just biked a super lot. i would say we biked at least 50 plus miles probably. but i keep praying for miracles every night. We are still teaching our miracle family they should be baptized next week lets hope!!!!! And then juanita idk because we havent been able to get inside her door. Mom i am telling you right now that missionary work is not easy. It is super frusterating at times!!1 but with the Lord and my companion they have helped me through what i need help with and not being so frusterated! i will be writing keisha kassidy and dad a letter again! you definatelyu meet some weirdo people here. I love our bishop mike hagman! he is an amzing guy. In fact we might be getting another set of missionaries and splitting our area in 2, there is a poop load of work to be done in our ward!!! I love you soooo much mom and guess what i am more than half way done with the book of mormon i am getting sooo much more out of it than i ever did go and read Alma 14 it is a great chapter i love it a lot! Mom ii love the feeling i get when i am saving people and making it possible for them to be baptized. it is a very good feeling when you get an investigaotr you taught into the waters of baptisms and just to see how happy they are and that they know it is they right thing and that the church is true is amazing! i love you mom sooo much and tell the family i love them and tell caleb to dont be a ding a ling!!! GOODNESS!!!!!
 Love Elder Lundberg!!!

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