Tuesday, August 27, 2013

8-27-13 - Cade's Letter

Okay, so I didn't get a letter yesterday.  And, I was sitting at the computer working today, when I got an email from Cade telling me to check my other email.  I was so excited, 'cuz I was so bummed that we didn't get an email from him yesterday.  I was hoping that everything was okay, because I know he is kind of close to the fires in California.  So, here is the letter he sent today.

Hey family
This last week has picked up a  bit we had 6 of our investigators come to church on sunday! we didn't
have any baptisms tho:( but we have 2 scheduled for Saturday! we went
and picked some grapes at the churches vineyard that supplies all the
bishops storehouses with raisins! I have pictures I will seend I cut
my self because a dadgum spider almost jumped on me hahahaha! Monday
the whole city of Visalia power went out and we were clear up north in
the getto so we just decide3d to bike home so that was pretty scary!
haha its poopy that caleb doesn't start! just tell him to work his
butt off to get that spot!! other than that how is school for the
kids?? The uniforms for the football team look super sweet!! I am
excited to hear more about calebs games and how he does! anyway I love
all of you! keep reading your scriptures and saying your prayers! my
favorite chapter in the Book Of Mormon is 3rd nephi 11!! I am getting
close to finishing the book of Mormon again!!! haha Love Always Elder

Another email he sent...same day!
another thing the Williams boys names are chuck and blair! so I don't
know if you know them or not but it would be cool if you did!! anyways
mom I love you and tell the family I love them too! talks are
easy for me my companion has just put on the spot many times so I am
getting use to it haha its not a big deal anymore! but pray for me and
pray that I can baptize this wek haha I love you!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

8-22-13 - Videos Cade Sent Us


Cade's apartment in Visalia

We gave Cade a hard time about having his companions eat his food.  So, check out what his companion is doing....HA HA HA  This cracks me up!

Cade's Bathroom!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

8-19 P-Day

I also got an SD card from him last week, so here are some pics, as well.
Hey family!!!!
This week has been another slower week! all of our baptism dates fell through so thats really hard! we were suppose to have 15 at sacrament on sunday But we only had 4 so there is another bummer.  Anyway it sounds like you are so glad that the kids are in school! hahaha Football practice makes me miss playing football because we are right by the school! so that is kind of a bummer but it is ok! My bike got fixed for free the crank bent and then the pedal bent! i guess i am just a big boy haha! the guy said he has never had any problem with the crank bending! it has been over 95 degrees this whole week so that is poopy! i have been sweating puddles! other than that i have been losing weight and i am getting skinner i run a mile every day in the morning so thats good and once a week we play basketball which is fun! Do you rememeber the williams from pingry idaho????? they remember the mortimers and they are serving here in visalia so that is pretty cool! any way i love you guys soooooo much! keep reading your scriptures and saying prayers and the lord will bless you!! OUR WORK BEGINS ON OUR KNEES!!!
Love Elder Lundberg

 Cade had to get a new bike seat.  He is showing us the difference.  ha ha

 I couldn't figure out what this was a picture of until I asked him yesterday.  We couldn't tell if it was a spider bit, or what.  ha ha  It is a chapstick welt.  I guess him and his companion have Chapstick wars.  ?????  HA HA HA

 I think Cade needs a haircut.  David said he looks like he has a tiara.   HA HA

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

8-12 P-Day

Earlier this week, we received two letters from Cade.  One of them had two stamps on it, but it had been opened and nothing was in it.  That was a bummer!!
Hey Mom and dad and family
this week has been our biggest bike week!!! but we have got a lot done! We were able to get into juanitas house!!! YAY!!!! she is still super excited about being baptized! we have around 9 plus baptisms scheduled this week it is soooo good! i am super excited mom! i am becoming a way beter teacher with all of my studies i am doing i am learning how to teach by the spirit and recognize it more so it is touching more people and getting our investigators converted not convinced!  also elder gayan is becoming a district leader so i get to help him with that! transfers are on wednesday and i am not getting transferred. transfers are happening ecery 6 weeks! My bike broke down again i need new crank arms and it might cost me again even tho i weigh less i am still a big elder! My bike has been giving me fits ever since i got the thing!!! I am so Proud Of Caleb, It made me cry that he said he was gonna play for me and that he has my number! It mkaes me feel like i am a good Big Brtother! But tell him if he is gonna wear it he cant put the number ashame hahahahahaha!  he has got to go all out and be mean and nasty! Is he starting varsity?????i Sure hope so! Anyway yes i got tracys package she sure does know they pathway to my heart hahahahahah!!!!!! i love her so much! i Cry everytime i share that experience of how her freiends died in the car accident that she wanted to go on and then i tell the people i share it with how much she has done for me in my life and how much i love her i just get emmotional!!! hahahaha i am a big baby! your sd card still hasnt worked and i will be sending it back oh and my first planner was in the envelope so that was kind of poopy anyway! i Love you guys soooo much keep praying and reading the scriptures! i am almost done with the BOM!!11 i am getting close hahaha! i love you
Love Elder Lundberg

Monday, August 5, 2013

8-05 P-Day Letter

Hey mom!!!!
 this week has been kind of a bummer week. our numbers were really slpw and we really didnt get our baptisms that we wanted. we havent been able to get inside her house for 2 weeks. But we just keep praying and having faith. I am so happy that keisha is getting her teeth fixed. that is awesome!! we really havent had a lot of i guess special experiences this week. it has been on the rough side. we have just biked a super lot. i would say we biked at least 50 plus miles probably. but i keep praying for miracles every night. We are still teaching our miracle family they should be baptized next week lets hope!!!!! And then juanita idk because we havent been able to get inside her door. Mom i am telling you right now that missionary work is not easy. It is super frusterating at times!!1 but with the Lord and my companion they have helped me through what i need help with and not being so frusterated! i will be writing keisha kassidy and dad a letter again! you definatelyu meet some weirdo people here. I love our bishop mike hagman! he is an amzing guy. In fact we might be getting another set of missionaries and splitting our area in 2, there is a poop load of work to be done in our ward!!! I love you soooo much mom and guess what i am more than half way done with the book of mormon i am getting sooo much more out of it than i ever did go and read Alma 14 it is a great chapter i love it a lot! Mom ii love the feeling i get when i am saving people and making it possible for them to be baptized. it is a very good feeling when you get an investigaotr you taught into the waters of baptisms and just to see how happy they are and that they know it is they right thing and that the church is true is amazing! i love you mom sooo much and tell the family i love them and tell caleb to dont be a ding a ling!!! GOODNESS!!!!!
 Love Elder Lundberg!!!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Welcome Letter from President Gelwix w/Pics

7-29 Letter to David

Hey Dad!

So, this week kind has been a poopy week!  We were supposed to have 3 baptisms yesterday, but that didn't happen, so we are shooting for this next week.  Dad, I want you to know I love being a missionary.  It is such a blessing to bring the gospel into people's lives.  I always think in my head after every day...Am I making my Dad proud?  And, most of the time, it is a yes!!  Ha Ha

Dad, you are always in my prayers as well as the Fam!  i am starting to be better at just talking to random people! and coming up with things on the spot.  It is crazy how the Spirit works.  As missionaries, I have had the Spirit tell me things that the investigator needs and so I would ask a certain question to help them realize this is the true church, and through baptism, is the only way to enter into the kingdom of heaven.  John 3:5.  You do meet some interesting people, that is for sure.  We met a guy that was wanted dead by every gang in Visalia.  It was kind of scary, tho!!  We ride by a house almost every day that reeks of cat pee!  You can smell it 25 yds down the street!  It's sooo nasty!  Anyways, I love you Dad.  I have grown to know how much you have meant to me in my life and how much I appreciate ya!  I love you Dad, never forget that!

Love Always, Your Son, Elder Lundberg

P.S.  We ride about on average 15 miles a day!

7-29 Email

hey mom and dad,
my bike got fixed but it cost 116 dollars and they wont re imburse me because i didnt get it fixed in fresno i got it fixed in visalia so its is kind of poopy. this week should go by very smoothly we werent able to baptize the family i told you about because she hasnt been home because her son is in the hospital, so we are shooting for next week. but she is so prepared all she does is need to get married to her boyfriend she is living with. they have been together for 9 years so it will be easy. i am going to tell you about a miracle that happened to us. we went to a bad refferal thats a 20 minute bike ride away and the refferals address wasnt even in existence so we just started to knock doors and this hispanic boy came to us and asked what we were doing and we told him we were missionaries, and what we do. he told us that he wanted to come to church and and he took us back to his house and turns out that his moms a less active member and she has four unbaptized boys and three of them we set a date for aug 11. it was such an amzzing miracle. we are teaching juanita and her 2 kids, that are being baptized on sunday the rest of this week. what scripture i have been reading today that has touched me is mosiah 27 it is about the sons of mosiah. i love it sooo much. Me and my companion gave to half time shows at a baptism on saturday and sunday that is just the thing that we do when they are getting dressed. i love baptisms mom and dad. the spirit is there sooooo strong every single time. i want to challenge you 2 to get as many lessons in your home with investigators as possible. i promise the spirit will be there and for every 3 lessons taught to investigators in members homes 2 of those investigators are baptized. and you and the kids will be blessed because of that i know you will. you guys and caleb and keisha and kassidy are always in my prayers every single night and every morning!!! the best thing i have eaten is everything sooo far haha. except i was fed salmon and it was sooooooo dang gross!!!! anyways i love bringing the gospel into peoples lives it is amazing how the spirit works on those who are prepared!!!
Love Always Elder Lundberg
ps i am send dad and caleb a letter!!