Tuesday, August 27, 2013

8-27-13 - Cade's Letter

Okay, so I didn't get a letter yesterday.  And, I was sitting at the computer working today, when I got an email from Cade telling me to check my other email.  I was so excited, 'cuz I was so bummed that we didn't get an email from him yesterday.  I was hoping that everything was okay, because I know he is kind of close to the fires in California.  So, here is the letter he sent today.

Hey family
This last week has picked up a  bit we had 6 of our investigators come to church on sunday! we didn't
have any baptisms tho:( but we have 2 scheduled for Saturday! we went
and picked some grapes at the churches vineyard that supplies all the
bishops storehouses with raisins! I have pictures I will seend I cut
my self because a dadgum spider almost jumped on me hahahaha! Monday
the whole city of Visalia power went out and we were clear up north in
the getto so we just decide3d to bike home so that was pretty scary!
haha its poopy that caleb doesn't start! just tell him to work his
butt off to get that spot!! other than that how is school for the
kids?? The uniforms for the football team look super sweet!! I am
excited to hear more about calebs games and how he does! anyway I love
all of you! keep reading your scriptures and saying your prayers! my
favorite chapter in the Book Of Mormon is 3rd nephi 11!! I am getting
close to finishing the book of Mormon again!!! haha Love Always Elder

Another email he sent...same day!
another thing the Williams boys names are chuck and blair! so I don't
know if you know them or not but it would be cool if you did!! anyways
mom I love you and tell the family I love them too! talks are
easy for me my companion has just put on the spot many times so I am
getting use to it haha its not a big deal anymore! but pray for me and
pray that I can baptize this wek haha I love you!!

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