Friday, May 23, 2014

5-23 - Miscellaneous Pics

Cade and Elder Gayan kicked "butt" on Lord of the Rings Risk!

Elder McGovern
 This is Elder Pinnock - from my Mom and Dad's ward.

5-12-14 and 5-19 - Lost the Car

Well this week lets just say it was crazy! i was at the temple on tuesday and then on sunday i talked to my mother and my whole family! holy moly! everybody seems to be getting sooo grown up! the solids we have for baptism this month is kathryn, victor, and joe joe! haha so i am doing pretty well! elder mcgovern is improving everyday and he will bne able to train next transfer! there are 2 weeks left in the transfer so we will see where i go to next! i am super excited but thats basically it for now!
love elder Lundberg

Wow everybody better watch out now! holy moly i cant believe shme is driving! what the heck! you guys are doing work in the yard! this wek was kind of a bnummer week! we got our car takin away fro us and my first day on a bike it was 102 degrees! hot hot hot!!!!! haha and we only had 2 people at church lary and brother delgado. kathryn didnt come so she isnt going to be baptized unfortunatelY!my butt is finaly starting to get used to biking and not hurting me! haha but we will have 3 to 4 baptisms this month so we are pushing hard! transfers are coming up and we will find out what happens to me may 31! i love being a missionary!! i love all of you!
Love Elder Lundberg


holy heck i leave and everybody almost dies!!!! haha well i am super glad dad is doing fine! i dont think a lot of members really actually know how powerful the priesthood really is! i went to the temple today, and it just makes me greatful for this gospel and for the [priesthood. i have really learned while on my mission to really apreciate the privilege i have of holding gods power! this week was pretty good! lary got home from long beach on sunday so he hasnt done the drink but we set another baptism date with a guy named joe joe! we also found 3 more investigators who are solid as solid. its a single mom and her 2 kids! she has a 12 yr old boy named bailey and a 9 yr old girl named katelyn! bailey is super athletic so i really get along with him! other than that this week has been a pretty normal week! oh cody hickerson got his call he is going to honduras in september! he is so funny i love him a lot! we had stake conferrence and elder sabin from the 70 came and spoke! i hoped you like my pictures haha 
Love elder lundberg!