Tuesday, August 13, 2013

8-12 P-Day

Earlier this week, we received two letters from Cade.  One of them had two stamps on it, but it had been opened and nothing was in it.  That was a bummer!!
Hey Mom and dad and family
this week has been our biggest bike week!!! but we have got a lot done! We were able to get into juanitas house!!! YAY!!!! she is still super excited about being baptized! we have around 9 plus baptisms scheduled this week it is soooo good! i am super excited mom! i am becoming a way beter teacher with all of my studies i am doing i am learning how to teach by the spirit and recognize it more so it is touching more people and getting our investigators converted not convinced!  also elder gayan is becoming a district leader so i get to help him with that! transfers are on wednesday and i am not getting transferred. transfers are happening ecery 6 weeks! My bike broke down again i need new crank arms and it might cost me again even tho i weigh less i am still a big elder! My bike has been giving me fits ever since i got the thing!!! I am so Proud Of Caleb, It made me cry that he said he was gonna play for me and that he has my number! It mkaes me feel like i am a good Big Brtother! But tell him if he is gonna wear it he cant put the number ashame hahahahahaha!  he has got to go all out and be mean and nasty! Is he starting varsity?????i Sure hope so! Anyway yes i got tracys package she sure does know they pathway to my heart hahahahahah!!!!!! i love her so much! i Cry everytime i share that experience of how her freiends died in the car accident that she wanted to go on and then i tell the people i share it with how much she has done for me in my life and how much i love her i just get emmotional!!! hahahaha i am a big baby! your sd card still hasnt worked and i will be sending it back oh and my first planner was in the envelope so that was kind of poopy anyway! i Love you guys soooo much keep praying and reading the scriptures! i am almost done with the BOM!!11 i am getting close hahaha! i love you
Love Elder Lundberg

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