Friday, July 5, 2013

7-01 Letter


I am glad I made my father cry!  And, I know I thought that I would be a lot more homesick!  My last 7 hour class was today and tomorrow is my P-day.  I really don't mind cooking for myself, so that won't matter.  Wednesday, I would love to talk to my father!  I am excited to talk to you guys!  I am losing weight already, so that's a good thing.  I will be way skinny when I get out of my mission!  I am definitely won't be wearing my suit coat.  It's fetchin' hot out here in Provo.  I hope you guys have fun for the 4th.  it sucks there won't be fireworks that you guys can light off!!  I will be watching the big nice fireworks, and you guys will be just stuck with Magna fireworks!  I love you Mom.  I will be sending my SD card on the next letter.

Love, Elder Cade Lundberg

Another letter we got with his SD card:


Here is the SD card.  I hope you enjoy these pics.  I think they are good & funny.  I Love you guys!

Love, Elder Lundberg

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