Monday, July 22, 2013

7-22-13 P-DAY

Cade's letter for today!  Looks like he broke his bike....ALREADY!  Ha Ha

Hey Mom,
 Weeks are going by super fast hah. My week has gone good.  We did have a baptism yesterday.  Me and Elder Gayan spoke on the holy ghost.  That would be number 3 haha.  I got both of the boxes but the sd card did not have any videos on it just the ones of me in the mtc so i am sending that back today. My bike is totally broken.  The pedals fell off and tore up the threading.   So i took it in.  Turns out the shifter is broken also, so they have to fix all of that, so it is going to cost me 100 dollars, so just a warning.  I will probably pick it up tomorrow. Ii have fixed myself  spaghettios and meatballs,  sandwhiches  chips and salsa.  We really dont have to fix dinner.   The ward is awesome mom, we get fed every night. You will laugh because i have already had to eat some salmon:( hahaha but its ok i guess its good for me. we have already had zone conference. Mom i want you and dad to have investigator for our ward be taught at home with the missionaries, because for every 3 investigators taught in a members home 2 get baptized. I know that as you do this the spirit will be so much stronger at home and the investigators will feel it also. We have 3 more baptisms scheduled Saturday, Juanita (mom) clarissa and anabel (daughters 11 and 8).  I just want to let you know it is crazy how the spirit can work on people.  You can tell they feel it. Juanita gets so happy when we go and teach her.   She always says she feels good and happy.  I love that soo much. Elder Gayan is from Wisconsin.  He is 24 and he has been out 3 months.  He is super awesome. We get along so well. I am glad we prayed for him. I am starting to get a lot more comfortable with knocking on peoples door and asking them for a harvest blessing, and just street contacting with a pass a long card. Mom, tell dad I love him soo much.  I would write him, but I dont know his email. I will just write a letter probably tonight, but tell him for being such a great example with just everything like honoring his preisthood and with his calling and just being my dad. Tell caleb to stop being a butt!!! Tell him to play football and to  read his scriptures. Tell him that I know it is hard, but he has got to be an example to his friends and stand up for what he knows is right.  Trust me, once you are out on your mission, you will know that the gospel will mean the most to you. Tell him to read the story of King Lehonti in Alma. It is related to sin. Tell him that I love him and I want him to be the best he can be to the lord. Oh also tell him to say his prayers. and tell the girls to keep being the beautiful daughters of God they are and be an example to Caleb and encourage him. Mom keep being amazing like you are and in everything you do.  You truly have been an example to me. Read the scriptures every night and it will help you.  I love you mom! I love all of you. Just remember that OUR WORK BEGINS ON OUR KNEES!!

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