Monday, October 21, 2013

10-21 - Night of the Moldy Roll - HA HA

Hey everybody!!!
Jeremiah 4:19-20 this described to the T this week! it was a very good week! we had zone conference! and then elder fis'ihoi came with us for a day! he leaves this week! he is a big polynesian i love him so much! he was a traveling trainer! i have a feeling i might get put into leadership next transfer because that is the second traveling trainer that has been with me!! and they look at people and see if they will be good for leadership! so one night we were cleaning out the cupboards and we found some moldy rolls and it was like 1000 degrees at night and on our balcony it overlooks a bike path and me and elder fisi'ihoi saw that there were two kids out there and i drilled one of them right in the head with a moldy roll! hahahaha it was sooo funny!  Keep my investigators in your prayers please, they really need the help! the zone conference went really well! i enjoyed it a lot! other than that it was a pretty normal week! haha mom i need new shoes , my ones i have right now are like falling apart! if you go to mission shoe they have really good solid church shoes for missionaries! just type it into google and check it out! i heard they are really good shoes! I got your letters they are really good! i enjoyed them! all this week i have street contacted into everyone who likes to bible bash! i love running into these people because they dont even let you put a word in and they go psycho and sound dumb!! i just laugh when i talk to them! anyways stay safe i love you all!!!!
\Elder Lundberg

More of part of our conversation:

Hey son!  Did you get our packages?  Also...don't waste time bible bashing people, you ding-a-ling.  Just bear your testimony and walk on.  Another thing...being the Lord's servant, you shouldn't be drilling the kids in the head with moldy rolls.  HA HA  That is funny, though (from your father).  Your Dad needs to know what your favorite scripture is so we can put it on your plaque.  AND......send us a picture without you doing the hang loose sign so we can put it on your plaque.  have your companion take a picture of you so we can put it on the plaque.  that would be awesome to be in a leadership spot.  You would do great!  Also, what size shoe do you wear?  10 or 11?

i got my bag it is amazing i love it sooo much!!!  my favorite scripture is alma 29:9 and i wear a 11 and a half! my shoes are just falling apart it is bad!! bag is awesome! and no not really i talk to everyone i see!! so i have asked questions where it helps people realize this church i true i am bold and i love to testify!!
thats one of my approaches is to ask if i can help them with anything haha

it is 70 degrees out here in cali!!!

it wasnt during study time and tell the girls i am writing them this week!!! and i came out at 260 and i am at 245!! and i have and i will send those on my next sd card!!!


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