Wednesday, November 13, 2013

11-11-13 - THREE AMIGOS - KC - Pizza Cutting Scissors all of my "boys" had great experiences this week....I wanted to share.  Here's is KC's email.  KC is the one with the camera.....the blondie!!

Hey everyone,

This week has been super crazy because one of my Zone Leaders got transferred out last Tuesday which was a surprise because transfers aren't until wednesday. So this week I have been in a Tricompanionship. If that's a word. If it's not, i'll just say it's a Minnesota thing to make up words. Because I am in this Tricompanionship we have been covering two areas. It's been really busy but a lot of fun too. Earlier this week I got the call that I can drive the car now so I have been driving every since. I CAN DRIVE!! YES! 
On Wednesday we were driving back to our apartment and we noticed that somebody was just giving away a Bo- flex workout machine. They caught our eyes big time. So we knocked and had two questions. First we explained who we were, then we asked if we could take that machine of their hands, then we asked if we could share a message about Jesus Christ and they said yes. It was so cool. God definitely works in mysterious ways. If the machine wouldn't have been sitting on the curb, we wouldn't have stopped and talked to these people. So it was a Win Win. We got a nice work out machine in our apartment now and we are going to go back and teach them about Our Church. It was Awesome.
The other day I was telling my companion about the time that my day took some of my friends to Ohio and that I ate 18 pancakes while I was there and he didn't believe me so.... You know what happens next. I have to put my money where my mouth is. Or should I say put the pancakes where the mouth is. I told him if he cooked them I would show him. I was a little short, I only got to 15 but he was still impressed. I don't ever want to see a pancake again! :) It was fun.
I was at a dinner the other day and the lady cut the pizza with scissors! Has anybody ever seen that before?? That was so weird to me! Maybe I was just sheltered but I always thought you used a Pizza cutter. She was really nice though and it was good but I just thought I would share that crazy sight with you all.
We had a really cool experience this week. We were teaching a man (Mark John) that lives in our apartment building about the Plan of Salvation and Word of Wisdom and he didn't take it very well. At the end of the lesson we asked him to pray about for himself and not to take our word for it. and He said he would but at the end of the lesson I prayed that as he is seeking the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it's truths that God will answer his prayers through the Holy Ghost and after the prayer he immediately popped up and said, "It's True and Joseph Smith is a true Prophet!" He said I felt the holy spirit during your payer and I feel like it told me that the lesson was true. It was such a cool experience to see the Holy Ghost working on someone during a prayer. I know that God Lives and answers prayers on his timing. I know that it's true. I hope you all are doing great and let me know if there is anything I can help you with back home. I can't do too much but if you are wondering what to say to someone you have met I will try to think about it and pray about it and help you out. I love you all. Until next week. 

Elder Roose

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