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11-18-13 - What? Another flu shot?

Okay.....so I have been a slacker.  Here is Cade's email to me from the 18th.  As you read, you will see that Cade absolutely did not want to get a flu shot.  He did have one before he went out.  So, I called the mission office and talked to the Sister serving as the nurse there.  She said there was a new shot out, but wasn't sure if he needed one, but she recommended it.  Cade told me that I just had to call and tell Sister Gelwix that he didn't need one.  HA HA  Come to find out....he needs to get one.  Sister Gelwix had the Sister that is the nurse call me back and let me know that sometimes the elders try and get out of it.  HA HA  I guess the new flu shot has new strains in it.  HA HA

I am also including some pictures that he sent this week.  HOLY COW!  Elder Bean looks sooo much like Porter, it is crazy!  Who knew Porter had a twin?  HA HA

This is a picture that a Brother Kincheloe...a ward mission leader...sent to me in a text.  This is what he said.  Elders Lundberg and Bean giving a blessing at Doctors Hospital, Modesto.  Two good missionaries at our house for dinner.  They are great missionaries.  They really do work hard.

So this week has been an eventful week!!! Mom you need to call the mission office today and tell them you dont want me to get a shot so you dont have to buy one and i  dont have to get one! anyway it wednesday i had my first leadership training on wednesday, it went very well i like it a lot! renees baptism was amazing ! so we went to get her interviewed by an elder in our zone at 11 on friday, but she failed it and needed somebody of more authority to interview her. So luckily president gelwix was coming up to modesto, so we called her and told her to come to the stake center at 130, on her way she got into a dad gum car accident!!!!!!!! so she wouldnt be able to make it! so elder bean and i were freaking out because we had all the baptism solid!!!!! and if she didnt pass the interview, we would have to call everybody and cancel everything and she wouldnt be able to be baptized. so president told us to call president mcandrews, the 1 counselor in the mission presidency . we did and we ,ade an appointment with renee at her house at 6 that night, so we were really pushing it. president mcandrews had us sit in his gigantic truck while he interviewed renee! we were just freaking out! he called us to come in and to our surprise, president mcandrews was filling out the baptismal record! phew we were just ecstatic! i gave a talk on the holy ghost at renees baptism! after the baptism i had a lot of people come up and tell me that they were impressed with my talk! they said it was powerful and amzing! they said they almost cryed because they felt the spirit! so that has been the first time that has happened! and plus i had no notes too! haha so that made me feel good! so that picture of us in the hospital was last night we had to go give a blessing to a lady in the hospital, so we walk in and start to talk to her and after awhile she tells us oh yeah you are suppose to go and get gloves and a gown on i am in isolation!!! oh elder bean and i were freaking out!!!!!!!!!!! so we did and we gave her a blessing! hahaha brother kinchloe had a laugh about it haha! we have a nother baptism coming up next week! her name is jerine! she will be baptized by her uncle, who is a stake president in lumas! whoch is awesome! that was it for this week! i love all of you! have a safe week!
love elder Lundberg

Here is what Cade said about the mission office:

 well if you call the mission office i do not! so just call them and say you dont want me to get one! and we dont have to worry about it!

just talk to sister gelwix and can you please do it today she wants me to text her and ask her if i got one so if you call i dont need to do that!

Here is another comment he sent.  HA HA  (He seriously didn't want to get the flu shot).  HA HA  mom listen! you tell them that you dont want me to get a flu shot! and we dont have to spend the money!!! i have already gotten the flu on my mission! so just call and tell them you dont want me to get one!

 Cade loves to take pictures of himself.  HA HA HA HA HA

 Check out that picture.  The trees are beautiful!

 This picture is the one that Elder Bean REALLY looks like Porter.  CRAZY!!
yeah thats is renee and the guy that baptized her is president rhoades, he is the first counselor in the stake presidency and he is her chronic pain management doctor and he introduced her to the church and she broke her back and has chronic pain she sent you a message on facebook! 

yeah! it was cool mom i started teaching renee from the beginning and we got her baptized! she has changed soo much just in this little time i have been teaching her the gospel! its cool how the gospel can change peoples lives!

Who's house had that harp and piano?  That is awesome!!

She did?  That is awesome!  I will go check it.  I'll tell ya, Cade.  This is just great!  I am amazed by the people you are meeting.  isn't it great?  If you hadn't decided to go on a mission, you would never even have known who these people were.  :)

ok and it was sister blacks she plays all sorts of instruments! she kind of reminds me of like aunt melana and those aunts! its kind of crazy!

 i promise well i gtg mom! i love you sooo much! i am telling sister gelwix that you told me not to get one! i love you and the family with all my heart! stay safe tell everyone hi for me!

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