Thursday, December 5, 2013

11-25-13 - Bishop, Stake President, Mission Presidency

I am writing my big letter early for you mom, so i can have more time when i get back on at normal time! so anyways this week was a pretty fun and cool week! I had my first exchange with a companionship as a district leader this week it went very well. it made me realize tho, how much influence i have in helping my missionaries become better, at everything they do in missionary life! it puts a lot on my shoulders, but i definitely can handle it. i am grateful for the chance i have to help these elders become better. we also had 2 more baptisms this week. there names are jerine and jessica! they are around 40 years old! it was a very spiritual service, i gave the talk on baptism!! i was super nervous because the stake president was there, the bishop was there, and come to find out that jerines uncle came down to baptize her and jessica is one of the counselors in the mission presidency in the roseville mission! so lets just say that my nerves were really high haha! I love elder bean with all my heart! being together we are sooo much a like! we have a lot in common! we have done a lot of the same things, we are like twins! we teach so well together. we are just a powerhouse duo! i really hope we can stay together another transfer. i dont know if i have told you this, that elder bean is a visa waiter to brazil vitoria mission! so i am learning some portugese. i can say a prayer in portugese! it is pretty sweet! other than that! we just really focused on getting jerine and jessica prepared for baptism, nothing too exciting! elder bean and i confirmed one on sunday! it was actually elder beans first confirmation on his mission! so it is special for me to get to share that with him! But after these 2 baptisms that puts me at 12! its crazy to think that a transfer and a half ago this area, the modesto 2nd ward, had zero investigators. and within a transfer and a half i have baptized 3! i am working my butt off for the lord that is for sure! i am completely putting my trust in him, and from that he is taking me by the hand and leading me to these prepared people to teach! i can testify of this gospel, and how it changes peoples lives for the better! With renee the women we baptized a week ago! i remember when she was having a rough time , wasnt very happy, smoked and all this other stuff. now with the gospel in her life, she is a totally different person! she is a lot happier and she doesnt smoke! the spirit is a realy member of the gopdhead, i have seen it touch peoples hearts to the core, where they realize that this gospel is what they need in their life and how the church of jesus christ of latter day saints  IS THE ONLY TRUE CHURCH ON THIOS EARTH. there is none else! i love being a missionary soo much. tchau tchau benjinhos ( goodbye, little kisses)
 com amor Elder Lundberg!!! ( with love )

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