Wednesday, December 25, 2013


So, today, we got to talk to Cade for 40 mins.  It was awesome!  The only thing was that Cade asked me what time we wanted him to call, so I told him 11 am our time, which would be 10 am his time.  So, after breakfast at Jeramy and Jen's, we came home.  Kim and Justin stopped by and Big Dave came and Tracy and Jes.  HA HA  So....everyone waited until 12:30 pm, and he still didn't call.  So, Kim and Big Dave had to go home.

Cade didn't end up calling until 4 pm.  HA HA  But, it was very much worth the wait.  Here is just a snippet of his call so you can all see him and hear him.  He is doing great!  We also got to see and talk to Elder Bean for a second, too.

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