Thursday, December 5, 2013

12-02-13 - Tired of Turkey and Ripped Pants

Well this week was pretty interesting with not having thanksgiving with my family! we have eaten thanksgiving for the past 4 dadgum days! i am absolutely tired of turkey, i can tell you that much!  this week has been kinda slow with teaching people! everybody is out of town so it is tough to get appointments!the bummer of this week is that i have ripped 3 of my pants and i have no clue how to sew haha! so i had a lady in my ward sew them for me, so that was really nice! we have 2 solid dates for december the 19 and the 21 they both are really rough  one is name is matthew he actually has been addicted to every drug known to man! he sold drugs toop! he said he was making 20 k a day! which is unbelieveable! he also shot and killed his step dad who killed his mom! he has read the book of mormon about 5 times! he knows it better than most members! the other one is donny he has been in jail for like 20 plus years! he has a tattoo of a naked girl on his arm! but they are both solid! other than that we really didnt have an exciting week! I love you soo much thanks for all you have done for me! tell dad happy birthday for me! i will write him and keisha!
Love elder Lundberg

This is how Cade ripped his pants:

well one the pocket got caught in the arm in the chair, and when i went to sit down they ripped! the other one the fabric was just  worn out and one the hem fell out!!!

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