Monday, December 16, 2013

12-16-23 Angels Ministering at Zone Conference

Alright!!!  Get your kleenexes out for this one!  HA HA
I am just writing my big email early! i will be back and get on at regular time! so this wek has been pretty sweet! we had our christmas zone conferrence and a very special experience happened to me. so at the beginning of the conferrence President gelwix said that there will be angels here with us ministering to us, he said some of you will sense them and some of you wont. and so after the conferrence president came up to me and i gave him  a hug and told him i loved him, and he told me that he loved me, then he said that my grandma loves me. He told me that she was there at the conferrence with me. I started crying. that was cool experience for me, knowing just that grandma bonnie is here on this journey with me, watching over me. So that was something cool and spiritual for ya haha! so we only have one baptism for next week and its matthew. friday donnie called us up and he dropped us!!!!!!!  donnie had a date for saturday. he loved church and everything. it was depressing! he weighs 485! haha he is a big man! but we got matthew interviewed yesterday by a member of our mission presidency! and he passed so that is good!  other than that this week has been kind of a slow week! i got your package mom so that was sweet!! So just tell me what time you want me to call you on christmas and then i can set it up here, i think we can use our phones that we have to call home!!! so that should be pretty sweet! i am not getting transferred and elder bean isnt either!i pray every night for his visa not to come! we arent able top skype, but maybe next year! I have worn my coat a lot!! it is super nice i love it! believe it or not it gets pretty cold here in modesto dang i, and we dont even get any snow! it is just a wet cold! it sounds like everything is going well! i heard you are starting new traditions without me?? haha thats cool about caleb and keisha! now they can actually hunt! caleb doesnt have long before he gets to leave on his mission ! shoot he better be preparing! i am currently studying jesus the christ!! mom it is a super good book! you need to read it definitely! its like i know jesus christ a whole lot better! anyways i will be back on at normal time! I love you!!!
Love Elder Lundberg

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