Monday, December 16, 2013

12-09-13 Angels at the Dinner Table

This week has been a slow but good week! We Have 3 dates so far in the 2nd ward! 2 for december and 1 for january! the 2 for december are definitely porjects! they both have  smoking problems and have been in jail for ever! I love baptizing people like this because you can honestly see the difference this gospel makes in peoples lives! we taught matthew again! he told us how he killed his dad and how he dealt drugs and all this bad stuff! he broke down in tears because he feels like all these things are waying on his shoulders, and he just wants to get rid of all of them! we told him about the atonement and he said he felt a lot better after we left! I have grown to love this man! even tho he has been through all of this stuff with drugs and killing and transporting drugs and what not! i love him! and i truly care about him and what him to do whats right and be a better person! he really truly wants to be a better person! his date is for the 19 and he is living the word of wisdom and the law of chasity! he said the law of chasity is the hardest for him! but he is doing it! Elder Bruce D. Porter from the 70 came and toured our mission! he taught more in detail the gospel of jesus christ! he said something about the atonement that really struck me! he said we all have the spirit of god! all of us have it in order to live! like even hitler, and when the spirit of god leaves us we die! when jesus christ was in the garden of gethsemane the spirit of god completely left him, he was able to live because he is a member of the godhead! but jesus christ has been to the lowest of low than anybody has ever been! the spirit of god also left him when he was on the cross, when jesus said my god my god, why has thee forsaken me! so that brought me into perspective about the atonement! so that was really good! we also had a homecoming in our ward! and something this returned missionary said made me feel better! he said when i left on a mission and angel replaced my spot at the dinner table! i like that a lot! anyways elder beans mom got him a little tree and little lights, so we set it up and set our presents around it hahah! it is pretty sweet!
i love you and stay safe this week!
Love elder lundberg!!

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