Wednesday, January 1, 2014

12-30-13 - Cade & KC - MIRACLES!

That is so funny that everybody is giving dad a hard time haha! tell dad that i am sorry! so besides getting to skype, a big event happened in my little missionary life! i gave my first baptismal interview on thursday! i was pretty nervous but i did it! and the person passed and was baptized on saturday! other than that nothing else has really happened! we have a solid date for the 18 of january! his name is david! heis wife is a member and thats how we found him! he was a miracle in and of himself! for new years i will be at a leadership training all day and wont get home til late! So really nothing to out of the ordinary! Thats cool that you are holding new years at our house again! i bet it is going to be fun! thank you for alll the presents to mom and dad! all i need is to find some cases for my scriptures! thanks to everyone for all the letters and giftcards! i love you all
Love ElderLundberg

I also had to share KC's email this week.  I really felt the spirit of it.  I think ya'll love it, too.

This week has been so crazy! I have learned so much. Nothing too crazy or funny happened this week sadly. Miracles have been happening though. It is so cool to see that God knows exactly where you need to be to help someone at that exact time. A few days ago we had a full day of lessons planned out and only one ended up happening. Doesn't sound like too much of a miracle right? Well I learned something. During all those set lessons falling through we were able to find 5 other people and teach them about the Restoration. I learned that if your appointment falls through look around a little bit because there is a reason that God wanted you to be there at that exact time. I have a really cool example of this. We were headed over to the Bryants house. They're a family from Chicago. Well, we got there and they were busy and told us to come back another day. As we were walking away I said, " I wish people would come to us sometimes!" Elder Wilcoxson and I both looked to our right and we see a lady coming around the corner. I then said, " Well look at this, there she is." We went and talked to her. She was a spanish lady and she wanted a Spanish Book of Mormon which we had for that exact reason. The Spanish Elders are now going to go and teach her more. That was just one of the cool experiences that taught me that if your appointment falls through look around a little bit because there is someone waiting for you. This week has been full of awesome experiences and this next one is definitely the best one so keep reading:) This week I met a guy named Arnie. This man has had a crazy rough life. Lets just say that he looks tougher than the back wall of a shooting range. He is on house arrest. He has been through it all. Before I got to the city of Owatonna, Elder Wilcoxson had been working with this man for a while and he wasn't progressing at all. He wasn't willing to change. The first time I met Arnie he looked at me for a lilttle bit and said, " I like you. " I was pretty scared because I had no clue what he was going to say! He's a fighter. Ever since he has told us several times that he is so glad that I'm here. He told me that he sees something about me and he doesn't know what it is. We of course explained that it was the spirit. This man is now reading and praying about the Book of Mormon. Elder Wilcoxson and I are still so shocked that for some reason he just loves me! The spirit is changing him. Today we went over to his house and after I prayed I asked him, " Arnie where do you want to be or what do you want for yourself in one year?" He started to cry and then of course I did. It's a Roose thing. He said, " I just really want to see my mom. I haven't seen her in a long time." If only you all could see this man. You wouldn't expect him to say that. The spirit was so strong. I know that I was sent all the way from Magna, Utah for this man and many others. I feel like I have known him forever. I'm pretty sure I knew him before this life. It is so cool to finally meet someone that was waiting for me. I hope I can be an instrument in Gods hands and help this man. I love you all. Pray for missionary experiences and then have the faith to open your mouths and tell these people how this Gospel can bless their lives. Have a great week.
Elder Roose

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