Saturday, January 25, 2014

Jan 20, 2014 - A Little Drip Doesn't Matter!

Another baptism in the books!! that puts me at 16! We baptized a guy named David! it was a super powerful baptism! his wife is a member, and we have been teaching him for about a month! He was super prepared! it was pretty cool on how we found him! so when i got doubled into this are  with elder brantlety, the relief society president gave me a name to go check out for her. and that name was patricia hudgens ( davids wife) So we went and checked it out and she answered the door, she said she had a high risk pregnancy, and i didnt think anything of it!

So in ward council i reported on what i found, and the high priest assigned a hometeacher for her. And of course it was brother larson! the best member missionary i know! so like a month later elder bean and i visited the larsens and told them to fast and pray about who they knew, that would accept the missionaries to teach! so we set a return date, well a couples weeks past and it was the day we were going to follow up! and the larsens didnt have anybody for us to go teach, when all of a sudden brother larsen had an idead to go visit some of his hometeaching families, and when he got to the hudgens home he had the thought to invite them over to our home and have dinner with the missionaries, and after dinner we shared about the book of mormon and we asked them if wecould start teaching him! and he said sure! it is crazy to just see how the lord works! The cool thing about it is that david asked me to baptize him and after the baptism, which shawn and monica attended, shawn and monica came up to me and said i want you to baptize me no matter what!!! so that made feel good!  so that was kind of the spiritual side of this week!!!!

on the other hand DENVER IS GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!! haha my whole ward knows i like denver so like during the game members were texting our phone telling me the score, it was soo funny! when i found out they won i was jumping around my apartment like crazy!!! The only dang time i am not allowed to watch football is when my broncos go to the superbowl dang it!!!!! i am a diehard denver fan and i cant even watch! It is funny because since i am on my mission the lord is blessing my team because i am serving him! so thats why denver is winning!  SO ALL YOU DENVER FANS OUT THERE JUST SAY YOUR WELCOME TO ME!!!  haha 
One crazy thing thats not in utah, is every grocery store i walk into has alcohol inside on the shelves! it is crazy there are so many different kinds! ooo One more thing mom record the superbowl so i can watch it when i get home.
There was a talk given in sacrament that was super powerful, so this guy took out his dishwasher and he turned the valve to the water off as much as he could, but he said that there was still like a little drip like every 10 or 20 seconds, so he thought to himself that doesnt matter i will just put a bowl under it, then in the morning when i get up to install the dishwasher i will dump the water out and it will be fine! so the next morning he woke up and he said there was water everywhere!! it was over flowing the bucket he had! and he related that to satan. if you let satan drip into your lives through tv or the internet or swearing or whatever, when you wake up you will realize that you have a mess you are going to have to fix! it is crazy how a little 20 second drip could do that! that is how satan works, a little drip at a time! 
i love you all! thanks for your prayers, they are helping me in my missionary work!
Love Elder Lundberg

I ALSO HAVE TO SHARE KC's Email this week, too!  These Young Men are having such great is amazing!

Hey Everyone! This week has been a pretty good week. I don't have anymore fish tank stories unfortunately but yesterday was probably the most spiritual day of my mission. Yesterday one of our investigators, Chris, got the day off of work to come to church with us. We were so happy! Oh I do have one kind of funny story. While we were in sunday school chris got a  call from his girlfriend and he said, " I have to take this." He answered his phone and had a conversation while the rest of us just sat and listened. It was pretty awkward. After Church we went over to chris' house to teach him and during our lesson his roommate, Bobby, came out of his room said, " I have a question, How did God create us?" This is a man that is highly into drugs and never has been interested in talking to us. He is always in another room. Yesterday he opened up and we taught him about the Book of Mormon and he was so interested! He is now reading it and praying about it. Chris has been praying for his friend for a long time. He prayed that his friend would have guidance in his life. After Chris thanked us and we said, It wasn't us, you are now a personal witness of how prayers are answered and how god loves all of his children. We asked him to give us the closing prayer and he showed a lot of gratitude. It was so awesome. Later that night we went to visit a less active member. Brother Gordon. His wife has never talked to us much. She has never been interested but last night she completely changed. We taught her about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon and she is reading and praying with Brother Gordon now. She accepted the invite to be baptized. She is such an awesome lady! I am so thankful for spirit. Our lesson with the Gordon family was the most spiritual lesson I have had on my mission so far. She recognized these feelings. She told us that she had only felt this way once before. She said it was when I was in Salt Lake City and my husband took me to see the Joseph Smith movie. She taught herself that she was feeling truth. I loved that lesson. I would pay money to be in that lesson again!
I love you all! I hope you have a great week! Thank you for your prayers!
Love Elder Roose 

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