Monday, January 27, 2014

Jan 27, 2014 L-berg, the Fatted Calf - Transfers - CAR!!!

So the big news is, is that i am getting transferred on wednesday!!!!!!! it is definitely bitter sweet! i have grown to love this ward soo much! all the people i have baptized and just the members!!! they will be missed! i am being transferred to sanger, which is like south east of fresno! i have been told that it is a little country town! My new companions name is elder anderson! i heard he is a cowboy from texas! i guess he rides bulls! so thats pretty cool! i am staying district leader down there! i will miss my companions i have now! especially elder bean! i dont think i will ever have a companion like him again! we just clicked from the beginning! but elder bean is taking my place as a district leader, its cool because all of his companionships are visa waiters to brazil! so he can have his district meetings in portuguese!

so here is how my week went down!  we have been biking our little booties off! we have biked to the very southern part of our area like 5 times this last week! because we have potentials down there haha! so we are on the very north part of our area and so it was a  long couple of days! as you probably know, that my birthday was on saturday! i am 19 , i cant believe it!

L-Berg - The Fatted Calf - HA HA HA HA HA

  So on saturday elder bean and elder mcewan got me like a fat little cow, now the story behind that is when i was being trained elder gayan said that i was the fatted calf of the mission, and i guess that has been with me for forever! haha so they got me this fat cow and told me it was the fatted calf! haha we called it L-berg! haha so it was funny! i celebrated my birthday with matthew! i love him soo much! haha matthew made me a cake right out of the penitentiary! he told me that is what they make in jail! so it was a honeybun, with melted peanut butter on it with a broken up and melted candy bar on it and some bananas on top! it was super good! other than that i really didnt do a lot for my birthda!

on sunday, it was my last sunday in the modesto 2nd ward! and it was fast and testimony for them! so i got up and bore a powerful testimony! i made a lot of people cry! i almost cried a little bit haha! i sat down and i saw all these people wiping there eyes! and right after me this 11 year old boy gets up and says, wll now i know that elder lundberg is leaving, i will miss him, he is one of my favorite missionaries! that was sister howells son!

other than that on the bright side, i will have a car in my new area! haha i just want to leave you with a couple versuses that pertain to us now! it is D and C 138:55-56 it is powerful! i love you !
love elder lundberg

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