Monday, February 10, 2014

02-03-14 - Sweet Sanger

So this week has been crazy! a lottle bit about sanger, is it is a lot like magna, it is just isolated from everything else!! the ward is plain amazing! haha there is a walmart, they basically have everything there!!! the car is super nice, but wee have to share it with the sanger spanish elders, so we only get it 4 times a week! which is alright! we have a ton of investigators here! the work is going well! we have 3 dates for february 15 so that is pretty cool! i was so bummed that the broncos lost dang it! it kinda upset me, but it is ok! hah aturns out that my wml is from rigby! his name is reed bonham! he told me to mention lyn jensen to see if that rang a bell! they know grandma and grandpa mortimer! which is pretty sweet! no word on shawn my investigator in modesto! but i will be back to baptize him! other than that elder anderson is from wyoming, he rode saddle broncs! it is pretty sweet to hear all his stories! me and him get a long great!  i bore aq powerful testimony in sacrament meeting! the ward is so friendly! oh real quick ,  our ward mission leaders wife, reminds me soooo much of grandma bonnie! i will have to get a picture of her so you can see the similarities it is crazy! anyways thats pretty much everything that has been going on! i love all of you! oh i want dad to do both!!!

This is a picture of Shawn!!

This is Elder Anderson....his new companion!  

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