Friday, February 21, 2014

02-17-14 - Little White Dog

tHIS WEK WE HAD 2 BAPTISMS!!!! THAT IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!  this week  we stinking biked a whole lot!!!  the spanish elders needed the car almost evry single day! so we were at the southern end of my area and this stinking little white dog kept chasing me on my bike! so i was on the grass and i go to kick it and wasnt looking at where i was going and there was a pothole and i ate it bad! it was kinda embarassing!  we have had a lot of success looking through former investogators! we street contact all the time! we have 2 more dates we have set! we set a date for march 29 for segio! the reason why its so far, is because he stinking smokes weed! his house just stinks like weed all the time! haha i guess some girl recorded my rwreck and put it on facebook, so try to find it! haha other than that our baptism went well! that puts me at 18! i am getting close to my goal! I love being a missionary! its super fun! haha sanger is good! elder anderson and i just tell each other hunting stories and he tells me stories about his cows on his ranch and all the crazy things that happenb when he tags xcalves and things like that! i like the stories! he has a lot of funny ones!!!
Love elder Lundberg

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