Monday, March 3, 2014

02-24 and 03-03 - Chickens and Puppies - Heads and Tails

02-24 - 14

So this week has been a super crazy week! i had to go on 2 exchanges this wek! because i have 5 companionships in my stewardship i have to go on an exchange with everyone of them before the transfer ends! i have the biggest district in the mission! the cool thing is , that the assistants are in my district! elder pinnock and elder castenada! they are both from idaho! actually elder pinnock is from rigby and is in grandma and grandpas ward! i went on an exchange with him and had the best exchange of my mission! i love him so much! and then i went on an exchange with elder wolfe! he is a little eccentric but you go tto love them!!! so, so far we have 6 baptism dates for sanger! we are scheduled to baptize every week in march if it all pans out!!!  other than that, remember that stupid little white dog that mad em crash, we were over in that area again! and elder adnerson wanted to prove to me that is was all bark no bit so he went up to it and as soon as he turned around it bit him hahaha it was so funny, so we were talking to the boyfriend of the owner of the dog, that hates the thing too and it snuck up behind me and bit me dang it! that dog is going to die before i leave sanger! it will just magically disappear one day! other than that we just plain out had a good week full of miracls. for instance we set 2 baptism dates on sunday! it is super cool! there is a book that sister gelwix was telling us about that seems very interesting that i think you might like it is called VISIONS OF GLORY  BY COVE FORT you can get it off amazon!! we are scheduled to baptize next saturday that is going to be good! we went up to squaw valley and cut some chickens haed off i never really knew what would happen if you just take an axe and lopped its head off, so i had to try it! i got a video of it which is pretty hilarious! it goes nuts!!! i trully know the meaning running around like a chicken with its head cut off! i got to pluck the chickens and gut them too! chickens are just nasty animals! i much rather clean an elk out than a chicken!!! anyway that was my week i love all of you!
Love elder lundberg!!!

the people we went and di service for has a yorkie just like little daisy named dutchess! haha its a cute dog! also mother i need some more garments and some shirts they are getting old and dicolored and stained  with my garments for the bottoms i need a size 42 cotton poly briefs!      for the tops i need an extra large tall dry lux   and for the shirts i need an 18.5 tall short sleeve 65 percent cotton and 35 percent polyester    probably just 5 pairs of garments and like 2 or 3 shirts! haha but if not i guess thats ok i just need some! thank you mom!

mom you are the best i love you soo much! and yeah its a video about the chicken! you will laugh i promise! haha the chicken went nuts haha and you just need to send me a new sd card! haha and i know i am in the right place i love my mission it is an amazing experience! i finally wrote chance like grandpa wanted me too! and also you need to look at that book i think you will like it a lot it is about a guy who like dies for a while and sees like his spirit world house and stuff like that! it is super interesting!!!

We had another baptism!!!  we baptized erica!! the stupid little white dog hasnt came out since i boyught ammonia!! it knows that is is going to be in for some fun with elder lundberg!! i bring that thing where ever i go!! it is super nice haha there are some members named the griggs that are soo cool! brother girggs reminds me soo much of jeramy! we went to dinner and he was telling me all of the war stories because he was in the army but he is opnly in his mid 30s! they are soo cool elder anderson and I helped dock their puppies tails! they bought us like brand new trimmers to do it! they were squealing! haha and pooping everywhere! haha it was pretty funny! i had to interview 2 more popel for baptisms for the assistants and the sisters so that is pretty cool! transfers are coming up next week! so we will see what happens! elder anderson and i were wreslting and i smacked my head on my bed frame and it was just gushing blood! haha it hurt only for a second! I went on an exchange with elder gayan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was sooo dang fun! him and i probably have the closest relationship out here! he is really like my big brother! we love each other a lot! i love being a misisonaries! its cool to see gods hand in my life as a missionary and all the miracles!
Love Elder Lundberg!!!

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