Tuesday, March 18, 2014

03-17-14 - Good-bye Doggy!

SO i Got  a brand new stinkig elder straight from the mtc!!! his name is elder mcgovern! he is from twin falls and is the youngest! one cool thing he can do is imitate any voice so that is pretty stinking amazing! so working with elder bean on wednesday was sooooooo fun! we were reminissiing about the good old days in modesto! yeah we didnt go to sleep that night! it was fun! i picked up elder mcgovern on thursday!  and that night i woke up at 1 in morning puking my guts out! it was horrible! but the next day i got a blessing so dont worry! haha since then elder mcgovern and i have set 3 baptismal ddates together, and are tearing sanger up! haha he is a good elde! he is super humble and willing to speak up in lessons! except he doesnt know how to cook anything except mac and cheese! which is funny but oh well! oh and guess what! ever since i bought that ammonia for the dog! i have not seen the thing! and so the other night we were talking to the same guy we were talking to when the dog snuck up and bit me, and he said that the mormons put a hit out for the dog and it is gone haha! he was playing around but animal rescue patrol guy came and picked him up! haha so all in all it has been a good week!  Love Elder Lundberg

Here is the voice recording he sent:

Today is March 14th around 9:30 pm.  Sorry I didn't record last night.  I was feeling so horrible last night.  So, yesterday, Elder Bean and I got up and drove to the mission home and got put in the Relief Society room for about 5 hours.  Then, we went to the chapel and there sat all the new missionaries in the chapel.  The way that you get assigned to your new missionary is that Pres. Gelwix, when he first calls you on Friday, the week prior, he doesn't know who you are with, yet.  It isn't until that day like an hour before, more like 15 mins before the decision is made, where he picks them himself.  Like he interviews everybody and talks with everybody and says a prayer and makes the assignments that day.  It is pretty cool.  After that, we got our assignments, and my new companions name is Elder Mcgovern.  He is a stud missionary.  I couldn't ask for anybody better.  After that, we drove home and ate at the Burgess home.  Brother Burgess isn't a member and has weird thoughts about the church.  He says there has been recorded 6 different versions of the first vision, which is wrong.  He says the Book of Mormon and D&C contradict which is all wrong.  He won't even pray about the Book of Mormon so he'll never know, cuz he doesn't want to know. 

We went to the Graffelders and dropped some court stuff off because he is going to jail in April.  Got home, really wasn't feeling too well,  just felt like I had a big fever, light headed, felt like dog doo doo.  Went to bed and at 1 started barfing my guts out.  Then, after I barfed for a little bit, I sat in the shower for 30 mins.  Then, I went back to bed and didn't go to bed until about 3 or 4 in the morning.  I felt horrible.

Today, I woke up, still feeling horrible.  Got ready at 7.  Jumped in the shower, got my clothes on and just sat and studied, did companion and personal study.  I asked Elder Tulafa and Elder Morella and Mcgovern to give me a blessing cuz I was just feeling horrible.  It was the worst sickness I've had on my mission, yet.  After that, we went and visited Melisa.  Set a date of March 29 to be baptized, so that is good.  Then, we came home, ate lunch, went back out.  Tried visiting alot of part member families.  Then, we came back and ate some dinner and went back out for the rest of the evening.  Tried to look for investigators, like Katherine, but she wasn't home.  There was like some smoking party going on at her house.

Elder Mcgovern is gonna be a good missionary.  I can already tell.  Sorry I'm sounding kind of sick.  I still am kinda sick.  It is always night times when it gets worse.  Tomorrow I have a district leader meeting with Elder Gayan, so that should be good.  Other than that, that was our last 2 days.  That was it! 

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