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3-05-14 - "HEY, GOOD LOOKING" - Voice Recording Cade sent home

So, Cade has been sending home some voice recordings, which have a TON more things on it of what his days are like.  So, I thought I would type some of them up and include them, here.  :)

Today is March 5th, 2014.  Sorry I didn't record Monday or Tuesday.  I was really busy.  Monday, we had P-day.  Elder Gayan and I and Elder Gipeau and Elder Moss played Lord of the Rings Risk.  Elder Gayan and I were the Orcs and Elder Moss and Elder Gipeau were the elves.  if that is what you wanta call them.  It is a pretty fun game!  Elder Gayan and I won, of course, 'cuz we are the BEST.  After that, we went to Brother Stokes house for dinner at 6.  They are a new family that just moved into Sanger just like a couple of weeks ago.  

After that, we went and visited Katherine.  Haven't been able to get into her house, yet.  Dang it!  They have about 5 people who are baptismal age in that home, but we haven't been able to go see any of them yet, except Chloe, her little 10 year old daughter.  So, we brought all Book of Mormons for them so that should be good.  

Tuesday, I went on exchanges with Elder Gipeau in the Fresno 7th West area and I'll tell ya what, it was the most humbling area, it was ghetto as ghetto.  Sprayed some dogs with ammonia.  It was pretty funny.  They were dragging their faces in the ground.  I hate dogs.  Dogs are stupid.
There are a lot of dogs that tried to chase us.  I just squirted them.  They didn't like that at all.  Elder Gipeau was laughing his head off.  But, we biked forever.  I haven't biked like that since Visalia.  But, it was good for me.   It was like 80 degrees out on Tuesday, sweatin' like a mad man.
Then, we went and saw a couple of formers and potentials for him.  We ran into a kid who played football.  He was a quarterback, so we related the Gospel to that.  I asked him, you know how are goal is to be in the end zone as much times as possible?  He said, Yeah.  I said, Well, right now, we are on like the 50 yard line, and our goal is to get the end zone of life.  Our end zone in life is like Heavenly Father.  Living with HF again.  There are certain plays and moves you have to make to get into the end zone to live into Heavenly Father again.  I told him the first was Baptism - explained what it was.  Then, we invited him to be baptized on march 29th, and he said YES!  So, they ahve a return appointment tomorrow, on Thursday.  It was pretty cool.  I related to him very well 'cuz I love Football.  I miss it alot.  But, that is okay.  

Then, after that, we went and visited more potentials, biked home.  Took us like 35-40 mins to bike home.  It took us forever.  Then, we waited for our ride for dinner, and while we were waiting, we saw this like red SUV thing drive by, and it looked like there was a stinkin' alien in the back seat of it.  It had no hair, it's head was oblong, and it had like no ears.  I swear it was an alien.  It was the funniest looking thing ever in the world.  It was probably some person that had been burnt or something.  It was just weird.  Elder Giapeau was frreaking out.  It was so funny.

After that, we went with the Stake patriarch with the Spanish ward, it was pretty cool I got to pick his mind of how he receives revelation for his blessings.  Just like how we receive revelations how it comes through ideas.  Like sometimes, he'll have Faith come into his head, and he'll expound on it, and that is how he gets his revelation.  He lives a missionary lifestyle.  Doesn't go watch movies or TVs.    Stays out of the world so he can be more spiritually in tune.  It was pretty cool to ask him questions about what a partriach does.

After that, we came home, planned, went to bed.  Had zone meeting today.  It was pretty good.  We came back around 1 pm, 'cuz we had an appt. with a person named Crystal, she's been a member for awhile.  She is in an insane asylum or something like that.  It reminded me of like the movies with white halls and doors, mentally handicapped people that live in it.  Kind of scary.  We taught her.  Drove around alot looking for part members and potentials and formers.  We didn't find any.  We dropped a couple of dates 'cuz they haven't been there, so it is pretty disappointing 'cuz they're never home.   That white dog hasn't been there since I've had my spray, so I haven't been able to spray that stupid little thing.

We went and ate dinner at the Esparza's.  They aren't members, but their kids are.  Because she has to get her green card before she can be married legally in the US so she can get baptized.  She made homemade tortialls.  They were stinkin' good.  She is the best cook I've seen in awhile, besides you, Mom, you are the best cook ever....the bestest ever.   (I LAUGHED AT THIS!!  AWWWE!!!)
 After that, we went and tried going to other people who weren't home.  Brother Bonham's house for missionary coordination meeting.  Nothing really funny happened today.  Kind of a tougher day today.  Nobody wanted to talk to us.  Nobody really cared....but that's okay. IT is days like these that help us appreciate the good days.  That is it for the three days that I missed.  I hope you like them.  It's not something too exciting, buty Fresno is alot ghettoer than I thought, just humble and ghetto, oh my goodness.  We had this lady that drived by us in a car.  She was high on meth and had no teeth.  She yells at us...."Hey Good lookin'", was more like this, (Cade says this in more of a gruffer voice) "Hey, Good Lookin'"....weird voice...we were like, what the heck?  She was old, nasty, sick, gummy, high on meth lady.  The drugs are so bad in that area.  

This road we were on called Bons, Elder Gipeau said that people say that they see  Spirits walk the street because they say that is where alot of people get shot alot.  That is kinda scary.  Good thing we didn't go at night, we would've had to cast out devils or something with the priesthood that we hold.  But, we've had a couple of good days, except the people we had to drop dates.  We are in the process of right now, finding more dates and investigators.  So, that's it!  Austa la Vista!

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