Monday, February 10, 2014

02-10-14 - Sanger Bangers!!

this week has been good! we have a baptism of a family on saturday there names are erica fatima and beto! so that is super exciting!!!  other than that we went to go see one of our recent converts at like 830!!! her dad answered the door fuming mad!! he opened the door and said"gentlemen do you know what time it is??" and we said that it was 830! then he said yeah it is 830!!!!!!!!! and he is yelling at thius point!  he says ever since my daughter was batpized you people keep calling my phone and knocking on my door! he said i want you gone! dont ever come baqck and he goes to step inside of his house! and i just had to testify of what i know, so i said sir i testify to you that! and we walks back out and slams the door as hard as he could behind him and said what did you say! and then i said i testify that the message we share will bless your life! i was cool as a cucumber! he is up in my face at this point! and he said i told you i want you gone!!!! J-O-N-E! he spelled gone wrong! and i said alright sir you have a goodnight god bless! and i start walking off , then he says f you you fing mormons never quit f you! haha it took my all not to freak out on this old dude! he was a lot smaller than me! he definitely had some skoons to come up to me like that! if he were to touch me tho, we would have gone toes right on his porch!! so that was my funny experience! pther than that we have a baptism on saturday!!!!!! thats super exciting!  but yeah the drug store grandpa knows is called reed drug!! sister bonham went to school with lyel mortimer grandpas brother i think! so that is cool! brother bonhams mom actually owned that drug store! so thats cool! sister bonham looks so much like grandma bonnie, it is crazy! she acts almost identical too! it definitely makes me miss her a lot! i will send you my journal entries from this week! 
Love elder Lundberg

Pictures of Squaw Valley - He went up here and did some service for members chopping wood.  Then, they fed him a steak dinner afterwards.  Cade, of course, loved that!  He loved the fact that there were mountains there.  He also said that it reminded him of hunting back home.

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