Monday, January 6, 2014

1-06-13 Gangsta Teacha Baptiza

So this last week was pretty fun! we had a district leader trainer sleep over for our zone new years eve! haha and then we went to our leadership training that following week! it was good i got some revelation for my district and for my trainee! ione thing i learned is our mission out baptizes california 2 to 1 and we ended the year with like 870 something baptisms! which is pretty stinkin good haha! we definitely had a miracle on saturday , so right now we are in an investigator slump and i have been praying my behind off for some darn investigators. so we had an appointment fall through and i had a thought to go see this member named brother correia because we havent seen him in awhile. so we go over there and his sons were there like in there 30s and they came out and started talking to us! so turns out they just got out of jail and they really want to change their life around. and i am telling you they are straight gangsters. they are just massively buff individuals! they were in jail for 3 years and they told me some of their crazy stories! haha but anyways we started teaching them about the book of mormon! and at the end of this meeting i pointed out that it wasnt a coincidence that we stopped to there house! and the spirit flooded the room!!! the dad pointed out that he had goosebumps! haha it was powerful we are going back tonight to teach the rest of the restoration! the funny thing is, is that they know matthew haha! but anyways other than that this week we are going to the temple tomorrow and then we have another meeting to go to in fresno, its called the trainer/trainee meeting! so its going to be busy! 1 more thing you can just call me the gangsta teacha baptiza! haha
Love Elder Lundberg

I asked him what they were in jail for....

Attempted murdery and robbery and a coupel of other stuff, one of his sons named aaron actually has game and over tattoed above his eyebrows!!! and shawn is just massive! he is benching 395!!!
I asked him if he was scared....
no i wasnt scared i am only scared of dang spiders and dad!! and i love porter i want to see him dunk it!!! I miss him !
 Everybody looks older in all your pictures! holy moly! did porter dunk in his game??
I know i saw that! he is growing up way fast! haha everybody looks different!!

just tell him that i want him to dunk it! say do it for me dang it haha! are you excited to come out here to california! where its like 60 degrees?
i was playing basketball last monday and i got kneed real hard in like my hip it gave me a huge bruise!!
The guys I'm teaching are just big white dudes! they actually participated in the scared straight program where they scare little kids! 
I asked him if he was eating good....
I have been eating very good! the members here are amazing hah and i have just been eating 3 eggs ham and toast in the morning and then for lunch i just throw a pizza in the oven! and dinner the members feed us!!

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