Saturday, January 25, 2014

Jan 13, 2014 - The God Squad

This week we had a lot of driving hours, so we went to the temple on tuesday and the very next day we went back down to fresno for a trainer traineee meeting! the meeting was super good we wetched some clips that were just amazing! president got them off of youtube and ong just type in elder busche and the clip should pop up! and the next on is called true move- giving! both are powerful videos!! and i forgot to include something in my letter from last week, so 2 fridays ago i had the opportunity to interview a special operations sniper for baptism!!!!!!! it was pretty dang sweet! haha so we had a couple of powerful lessons with aaron and shawn and shanws girlfriend! our gangstas!!!!!! we set a date for march 1 with shawn and monica! on thursday we brought matthew over to help us teach them, bec ause he has been in the same position as them!!! he bore a powerful testimony on how this gospel can bless them! matthew is a living witness of how this gospel can totally turn a life 360 for the better!

 In this area, is where i have come to love everybody that i have taught and are teaching! i love matthew so much! he is just amazing to see where he came from to where he is now!  but it is a little scary teaching our gangsters! i got aproached in church on sunday which was super nice of brother slade to do! he came up to me and said that their were some people in our ward afraid for our safety because shawn and aaron are in the witness protection program and he told me that there has been drive bys of gangs looking for shawn and aaron! so he told me to be aware of what members we take and what not! haha i am staright up in a gang war zone! haha its okay because i got the most powerful being ever on my side thats god! we are the GOD SQUAD! that is what the gangsters call us! or the G squad because we are teaching them! so i named my district that! haha THE GOD SQUAD!!!!!!  but we met with matthew last night and he is super intellectual in the gospel! you eould be amazed! he knows the scriptures better than most members! he said to me that "god is not a DJ, he doesnt make requests!" he is soo funny haha! thats it for this week!

i know that this gospel is meant for everyone! and it is the only way to live with our heavenly father again< if we arent baptized with proper authority, there is absolutely no way possibel for us to live with god, let alone with our families after this life!!! One thing i have realized on my mission is how powerful the atonement is, if we use it every single day! and if you dont use it everyday and repent ever day, it isa kind of liking you are brushing jesus christ under the carpet, because he suffered for all of our pains sicknesses and sorrows and sins for a reason! its our job just to use it because it is there waiting for us! so the challenge i send out today is if you dont repent every single day, i am calling you to repentance!  YOU NEED TO REPENT EVERY SINGLE DAY!  the feeling you feel when you repent is undescribable! and if you arent baptized i challenge you to take the lessons because if you truly want to be happy for all eternity after this life then you must be baptized by proper authority and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the ONLY  church that has the authority to do so!!!

Our life on earth is only a particle in comparison to all eternity after we die! and depending how we live our lives here on earth and what choices we make, depends on how we will live our lives for all eternity after we die from this earth! i love this gospel!
Love Elder Lundberg

P.S you need to watch the best 2 years i heard that it is super funny!:)

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