Wednesday, November 13, 2013

11-11-13 - THREE AMIGOS - Matt - Hypnotizing Mormons

Here is part of Matt's Email!

This is the table they have to eat on!  HA HA

    So the Work is really slow here..........we're struggling to teach lesson's throughout the week, and our mission president just gave us the challenge of having a baptism a week, so we have a lot of work to do. Unfortunately our most solid investigator got a Anti pamphlet from his girl friend that has really tripped him up, even though we showed him that it wasn't true. This Pamphlet was actually really pathetic, I've seen a lot better Anti material then this. One of the highlights in it said "If a Mormon starts to bare their testimony to you, don't look them in the eyes, and stop them in their tracks. this is a form of hypnosis that they use to pull people in" ..................we're cooler then I thought........

Slowly but surely we are finding people to teach.  We had a really cool experiance the other day, it was Tuesday and my companion wanted to go knock on this kids door that had come and played basketball once. We knocked on the door and asked for Brad we will call him, and the person at the door was like "Brad Stevens?" and we were like......"sure" so he goes and gets this guy and we start talking to him, and he's like "my wife's not, can you come back on Thursday at 8:00?"  we were like......ya, of course. He didn't seem like the guy my companion described, so I was like "so you've come and played ball with us before?"  and he looked at me real confused and shook his head no,  *awkward pause. "Oh well, were going to be playing in a bit if you want to come."   haha we walked away and I turned to my companion and said "what just happened?? did you know him?" and he's like "Nope!"  turns out that it was actually his son with the same name we were looking for, but this guy just set up an appointment with us, without us even asking him! we went back on Thursday and taught his whole family! his wife is a hardcore catholic, but seemed to enjoy everything we said, we just had a gospel conversation for about an hour and a half, it was really cool.     
I'm finding in all the church meetings I've been going too, and from the emails I'm getting from my family that a Reoccurring theme at these meetings is missionary work!   imagine that? the Lord really is hastening his work. I like the way my brother put it.  He's hastening his work, and its our job just to try and keep up.  Its now our responsibility to teach ourselves the gospel so we can teach our friends, because all the meetings are being used to pump us up to do it!  seriously the last 5 sacrament meetings I've been too have been about missionary work, and all the class's have been on how we can be better missionaries. so just getting people to church isn't enough anymore, we have to be able to teach them the gospel because the majority of church time is used to tell them how to be missionaries haha :)      
                                   ***WARNING TESTIMONY IS ABOUT TO BE BORN**** 
I just figured I'd let you all know before hand so that way if you don't want to be hypnotized you can get out now.     
      I truly know that this is the lords work,  its to great to be anyone else's, to see the miracles that happen every day, to see the changes people make in their lives, in just my small area, and then to hear about all the other one's happening around the world is incredible.  the logistics of just the missionary work of this church is mind blowing. I'm just grateful I was raised in it, and even more grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and all that he did for me.    Thank you all for your prayers and letters, they mean the world to me.      

                   -Elder Hepworth

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